26 Things We Wish MMA Fans Would Stop Doing

The days of browsing the MMA underground or Sherdog have been replaced by the #TeamMMA4Life social movement. For better or worse, the sport is growing at a monumental pace and thanks to superstars like McGregor and Rousey, a new era of fans have ushered in and are dedicated to following the fine art of cockfighting.

Though the sport is quickly growing, it still hasn’t hit the mainstream, and chances are that you’re most likely the only hardcore MMA fan in your real-life friend circle. So because of this, MMA fans have been forced to seek refugee on the inter-web. Communicating to random weirdos and catfishes all for the greater good of MMA discourse and ‘debate’. Though MMA online is a fascinating place to watch from the outsider perspective, fans seem to have a bit of a groupthink mentality; were everyone does the same thing over and over again and we all have the same beliefs, we see something we like and award it with ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’ whilst if we disagree we take every opportunity to shit down the posters throat, and your shitting is rewarded by other with ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’ thus emboldening and legitimising your opinion over the other persons. It’s like a big school playground, where people just compete, argue and diss each other for popularity. So with that, here’s the 26 things that MMA fans really need to stop doing online.

  1. Yelling ‘Stand them up!’
  2. Wooing at events
  3. Saying ‘[fighter X] would kick their ass’
  4. ‘Artem is the GOAT’ – stop it
  5. ‘They should have done [x] differently’
  6. ‘They needs a new training camp’
  7. ‘He’ll do fooking notting’
  8. ‘Uncle Dana’
  9. ‘That’s Wanerlei Silva in a dress and heels’
  10. Writing thirsty messages to female fighters
  11. Saying ‘Who da fook is dat guy’
  12. Tweeting Jon Jones with the Stephen Colbert GIF with the needles
  13. Tweeting fighters a GIF or picture of them being KOed
  14. ‘That Jiu Jitsu shit would never work on me’
  15. When discussing a matchup: ‘[fighter X] is a bum’
  16. After a loss: ‘Hype train is derailed’
  17. After a loss saying ‘He was never good anyway, always overrated and beat a bunch of cans’
  18. Claiming that [fighter who just won] is the GOAT
  19. ‘I trane UFC’
  20. Giving Paulie Malignaggi any attention
  21. ‘Bring back Pride’
  22. ‘The good old days were so much better’
  23. Posting the GIF of Conor tapping
  24. Calling fans ‘Nut-huggers’
  25. When you disagree with something, saying ‘You’re just a fucking casual’
  26. Asking Ali ‘Where’s Noah?’

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