Meet José “Froggy” Estrada: One Of The Most Exciting Fighters In MMA

What if I were to tell you that there’s a fighter out there who’s possibly even more entertaining than the UFCs violence-kingpin; Justin Gaethje? Impossible! Yet over at Combate America they may have one of the universes most deadly scrappers signed to their roster.

*[Enter José “Froggy” Estrada]*

Reigning in at (6-2), standing 5’6″ and weighing in at just 145lbs ‘Froggy’ may not have that ‘Francis Ngannou’ style of terror oozing from him, but be rest assured, as soon as the cage door is locked behind him, ‘Froggy’ quickly transitions into an absolute monster.

*[His career]*

José began his professional career in early 2016, picking up three quick wins in just 10 months. With all three wins coming by way of vicious first round finish.

In his debut, José managed to pick apart Jonathon Quiroz on the feet and he got the KO victory just 104 seconds into the first round. Fast forward a few months later, and José faced off against Christian Cardona and once again won via an early dominant TKO finish. In his third outing, José was matched against George Hernandez; his most difficult test yet, but José despite the challenge went on to beat and submit Hernandez just a few minutes into the first round.

Watch ‘Froggy’ sink in the RNC against Hernandez

At this point, it’s early 2017 and José is an undefeated (3-0) prospect, who hasn’t had a fight go longer than three minutes! So Combate decided it best to up the stakes even more, locking him in with a seasoned veteran; in Emilio Chavez (11-9). The tough veteran Chavez managed to hand José his first ever career defeat, by way of first round submission. Despite the brief setback, José remained steadfast in his quest to reach the sports pinnacle and rebounded tremendously from the loss, putting a beating on Izic Fernandezi and winning yet again by first round TKO in his comeback fight, and then later in early 2018 took on Rudy Morales and kneed him to oblivion, gaining another KO stoppage.

In April 2018, ‘Froggy’ met his biggest challenger to date when he stepped up at Combate Monterry to take on hotly-touted Mexican prospect; Levy Marroquin (8-2 at the time of fighting). The fight was a complete back and forth slug-fest with both fighters having their moments here and there, but ultimately in the end ‘Froggy’ lost out on the judges scorecards. Since losing the tight decision to Marroquin in late 2018, he has bounced back looking better than ever. Defeating (at the time (4-0)) Adrian Guzaman in an absolute barnburner of a brawl.

So now José ‘Froggy’ Estrada stands (6-2) in professional MMA, he is currently nursing some injuries sustained from his last outing in April but should hopefully be back to scrapping again soon. He is quite easily one of the most violent and entertaining fighters on the entire Combate Americas roster and we can’t wait to see him locked up in the cage again.

*[Why he’s so entertaining]*

‘Froggy’ is so remarkable to watch because he fights with an explosive pace, from the moment the bell clangs he’s on the opponent like glue, smacking them over and over again with overhand shots, spinning back-fists, elbows and hitting the opposition with just about everything he can physically muster. He’s not afraid to take a shot either, he’s more than willing to stand in the centre and trade heavy leather at every possible opportunity. It’s a true joy to sit back and marvel at, to see him go out and lay it all on the line every time he fights is remarkable and there’s very few fighters on planet Earth that are as willing to scrap than ‘Froggy’ is, but don’t just take my word for it; here’s his last outing against Guzman

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