10 Befitting Punishments For Khabib

On Tuesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission held a hearing to determine the fate of Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov for their roles in the UFC 229 post-fight kerfuffle. McGregor was handed a relatively fair, $50k fine and a six month suspension (Which is essentially nothing to him; six months to prepare for Cerrone and a little sting in the pocket), Khabib on the other hand was gifted a hefty fine of half a million dollars, and a nine month suspension with the possibility of it being reduced to just six months, on the condition that he films an anti-bullying … Continue reading 10 Befitting Punishments For Khabib

8 Strange Fist Fights We Want To See In 2019

With 2019 MMA off to a flying start with the beheading of TJ Dillashaw, we decided it was best to ponder the matchups we’d love to view during this celestial spin; yet we likely won’t due to petty promotional malpractice.¬† ¬†Israel Adesanya Vs Gregard Mousasi Israel Adesanya is the swagest fighter maybe in all the multiverse. The dude oozes slickness from every conceivable pore. I think we match Israel against Gegard; mainly because Gegard is a cool mofo too. I know they’re both in rival promotions, but who gives a shit ? Give each man a big enough wad of … Continue reading 8 Strange Fist Fights We Want To See In 2019

10 Fighters Conor McGregor Could Definitely, Probably Beat

Conor McGregor, once both the featherweight and lightweight UFC champion of the entire universe, has fallen on tough times as of late. In the days since he embarrassed and dominated the legendary Eddie Alvarez, then refused to let the show to continue until SOMEBODY BROUGHT HIM HIS SECOND BELT, McGregor has *checks notes* lost one fight in a row. (Not counting court cases, boxing matches and historical debates). In the “what have you done for me lately” world of MMA, that, of course, means he’s washed beyond hope and belief. MMA Junkie recently came up with a list of 15 … Continue reading 10 Fighters Conor McGregor Could Definitely, Probably Beat