Aftermath: What Happens After UFC Rochester?

As UFC Rochester passes us by, I must admit that it was a surprisingly epic card. Though it lacked a lot of star power, there were some great performances on the prelims, and the repeated decision to blow off my friends to watch grown-ass men fight in a cage continues to pay off. Some prospects flourished, others not so much, and we’ll be diving into what’s next for each fighter who fought on the main card. Davi Ramos Except for a dual nut shot in round one, the unanimous 30-27 scorecard very much tells the story of this fight. Ramos … Continue reading Aftermath: What Happens After UFC Rochester?

The Weird But Wonderful UFC 237

In the buildup to UFC 237, the event received a lot of criticism from analysts and fans alike for having one of the weakest main cards in ultimate fighting history. For the most part, they were correct. This was easily the least excited I’ve ever been for an ESPN era PPV and it wasn’t even the most exciting MMA event on that night (way to go Bellator!) However, despite the card being rather lacklustre in terms of star-power and hype, I do think there are some positives and interesting stories that come from the event. The New Blood On Saturday … Continue reading The Weird But Wonderful UFC 237

BKB 16 Review: UFC vets Pickett and Godbeer Shine in London

A pair of UFC veterans and recent bare knuckle converts made their mark on the un-gloved combat scene at London’s IndigO2 on Saturday night. UK MMA legend Brad Pickett needed precious little time to close the show in the evening’s main event, while heavyweight slugger Mark Godbeer went toe-to-toe with a game opponent for a solid five rounds en route to capturing his first bare knuckle title. ‘One Punch’ – One Round Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett went into Saturday’s British title contest as a man with little weight on his shoulders… and it showed. Returning to active duty for the … Continue reading BKB 16 Review: UFC vets Pickett and Godbeer Shine in London