Multiverse Tales: The world where McGregor lost

All it took was thirteen seconds to change the very world as we know it. Thirteen seconds to send Conor McGregor over the edge of greatness. It only took thirteen seconds for things to change forever. Everybody knows what happened; UFC 194, December 12th 2015; McGregor took out the only UFC Featherweight Champion ever, Jose Aldo. Countless amounts of promos made, an entire world tour, and it all came to an end in just 13 measly seconds. This would spark the beginning of a new era for MMA. McGregor would go on to win a second title, at Lightweight. He … Continue reading Multiverse Tales: The world where McGregor lost

Multiverse Tales: Is Stipe The GOAT ?

We here at the StipeTapped secret underground world headquarters; firmly stand in the truth that Stipe Miocic is a colossal cheating scumbag who lost to Alistair Overeem. However, somewhere out there is a universe in which this ‘tap’ isn’t an issue. In this universe, through a winding spontaneous meander of events, not only is Stipe the undisputed champion, he is undeniably the Greatest to ever step foot in the octagon. Let’s jump through the portal and see how this happened. The year: 2011, the event: UFC on Fox 1. All it took was 64 measly seconds for the heavyweight champion … Continue reading Multiverse Tales: Is Stipe The GOAT ?