We Meet Michael; the Brooklyn dolly

You’ve all seen him, made infamous during the Brooklyn bus attack perpetrated by a notorious phone stomper, and motivational speaker Conor McGregor. But do you really know the dolly? Most of you don’t even know his real name and yet he’ll forever be part of MMA’s history. In a groundbreaking interview brought to you by the staff of StipeTapped, Michael opens up to the world and reveal a lot about himself. ***He stands tall with a cold heartless stare*** I had to wait for half an hour in the cold but I eventually entered the building (without permission of course). … Continue reading We Meet Michael; the Brooklyn dolly

EXCLUSIVE: We Talk To McGregors Latest Victim

In the early morning hours of Monday March 11th a vicious; heart wrenching assault was committed. By none other than Conor McGregor. McGregor had just left the night club ‘LIV’, and was inside a Miami hotel. It was there that a fan of the MMA superstar, (who also left the same club as he spotted McGregor in). When trying to take a picture with the global MMA Superstar, the fan was violently assaulted. StipeTapped rushed to scene and has secured a world exclusive interview with the victim of this incident. Calling us from inside the hospital, we spoke to Mr. … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: We Talk To McGregors Latest Victim