Breakdown: What Would ‘Staph-less’ Lee Vs Khabib Look Like?

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the greatest fighters to ever grace the confines of the octagon. Debuting in 2012 he arrived undefeated with a 16-0 record. In his six years with the company he has fought eleven times winning all eleven fights. Spanning an impressive 27-0 record, the eagle is rightly one of the most feared competitors and many wonder who can beat this man. Many believed that McGregor would defeat him (I didn’t!) with McGregor losing in the fourth round due to a neck crank. Khabib dominates his opponents with an amazing ground game and strong wrestling. He will … Continue reading Breakdown: What Would ‘Staph-less’ Lee Vs Khabib Look Like?

The Three UFC Kings Of Nigeria

Through the first few months of 2019, the UFC has seen several champions lose their belts. Whether it be interim or the real thing (as if we know the difference at this point), the turnover has been fun to watch and extremely intriguing. Once great champions now stand in the shadows of these new up and comers, leaving the MMA world excited for things to come. One of the biggest storylines however, has been the surge of talent from UFC fighters of Nigerian decent. Never before have we seen Nigerian fighters dominant the playing field as we have this year, … Continue reading The Three UFC Kings Of Nigeria

What’s Next For Justin Gaethje ?

Emphatic, it’s the only superlative you can use to describe Justin Gaehtje’s knockout win over Edson Barboza on Saturday night at #UFCPhiladelphia. The remarkably durable striker earned his biggest win to date, on the UFC roster, over a really technical and dangerous striker in Brazil’s Barboza. Entering the contest as a slight underdog, the pressure style which many predicted would result in Edson’s downfall quickly came to fruition midway through the very first round. Trading brutal calf kicks in the opening exchanges, ‘The Highlight’ then circled and stunned Barboza with a counter shot, causing a mouse to form over the … Continue reading What’s Next For Justin Gaethje ?

How Many Flyweights Could Jon Jones Take?

Surely everyone does loves a good underdog story, and why the hell not? So with the state of the UFC flyweight division still up in air, I have created a scenario for those tough little fellas to keep their job while getting big PPV money: It’s rather simple. You must fight Jon ‘Bones’ Jones in the main event…. in waves of 3. Of course, this sounds ridiculous. Even I initially questioned by very sanity for coming up with such a ludicrous idea. “Three men vs one? NO WAY that party of one survives a single round.” “What happens when the … Continue reading How Many Flyweights Could Jon Jones Take?

Where does Jorge Masvidal Go From Here?

Cool, calm and collected; three words that characterize Jorge Masvidal during the run up to his main event clash with Darren Till at UFC Fight Night London. These three words also serve to describe the American Top Team mainstay’s approach after falling his victim to a straight left from early on before landing a vicious knockout on the Liverpudlian in the second round. After a shaky opening minute, Jorge forced a change in the tide, all while bein in hostile territory, and he began fighting from the fence and countering ‘The Gorilla’ on numerous occasions. Despite the damaging shots from … Continue reading Where does Jorge Masvidal Go From Here? Choose their Dream Fights

As a ‘sport’ mixed martial arts mainly revolves around the sweet science that is matchmaking. You’d expect: Good Fights = Happy Fans. So with this concept in mind, we decided to poll some of the StipeTapped elite staff members and our humble fans for their opinions on a few dream fights they’d like to see; whether it being from the past, present or future. Ciro Crispino – Rumble Johnson Vs Pretty much anyone When Ciro was asked this question, he was certain about one thing, and one thing only. He wants to see Rumble Johnson locked back into a cage. … Continue reading Choose their Dream Fights