UFC Rochester: Three Prospects Flying Under The Radar

The UFC heads to Rochester, New York this weekend where it pits two former lightweights, Rafael Dos Anjos and Kevin Lee, against one another at 170 pounds. With it being a Saturday night in May, it might be difficult to justify watching fighters not even relevant enough to get their picture on the UFC website (No joke, four fighters on this card do not have a picture). However, if you do decide to spend your Saturday night on the couch suffering through countless commercial breaks on a paid streaming service, there are 3 prospects outside the main event you will … Continue reading UFC Rochester: Three Prospects Flying Under The Radar

The Five Biggest Upsets in MMA History

In all sports and competitions; upsets happen, the team, person, or organization expected to come out on top doesn’t always get it done, but unlike other sports there is something absolutely magical when an upsets happens in the unpredictable and violent world of MMA. Upsets in MMA inspire us and leave us in awe in a way that other sports just can’t match. These upsets cause us to completely reevaluate how we perceive the sport. In MMA an upset doesn’t involve a bunch of people scoring more touchdowns, or accumulating more runs, it involves a human being imposing their physical … Continue reading The Five Biggest Upsets in MMA History

The Five Greatest TUF Champions

The Ultimate Fighter reality TV series has been a staple of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the MMA community ever since its inception all the way back in 2005 on Spike TV. Fast forwards to 2019 and there’s been 27 seasons of the show (not including 10 seasons of various international versions). Winning the show is an amazing feat that can catapult a fighter to stardom faster than if they scratched and clawed their way through the regional scenes, but winning the show doesn’t guarantee sustained success as we have seen with many of the shows winners. Here I’m going … Continue reading The Five Greatest TUF Champions

MMA Podcasts You NEED To Listen To In 2019

Try to picture this. It’s the weekend and you’ve got a punch of chores you need to get done before you can enjoy yourself. You’ve got to hoover the house, put the washing on, clean the car, blah blah blah blah…..All very mundane isn’t it? But that’s why, as an MMA fan, you need a good podcast to listen to, it’s something to keep you sane whilst doing these unavoidable tasks of modern life. This article is by no means a comprehensive list, nor is it an ordered list of the best podcasts. It’s simply a nudge in the right … Continue reading MMA Podcasts You NEED To Listen To In 2019

5 Embarrassing Things That Happen In Cage Fights

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts, is a forever unforgiving one. In an instant you’re on the top of the world, towering over like Jack from the Titanic, then you make one petty mistake and you are floating lifeless and frozen, also like Jack from the Titanic. However, it’s not just fight performance that counts. Sometimes there are moments that are forever locked in the minds of MMA fans, these moments are not formed from a victorious victory or laughable loss. These moments of sheer embarrassment can never be lived down. With that, here are a list of the top … Continue reading 5 Embarrassing Things That Happen In Cage Fights