What’s Next For Justin Gaethje ?

Emphatic, it’s the only superlative you can use to describe Justin Gaehtje’s knockout win over Edson Barboza on Saturday night at #UFCPhiladelphia. The remarkably durable striker earned his biggest win to date, on the UFC roster, over a really technical and dangerous striker in Brazil’s Barboza. Entering the contest as a slight underdog, the pressure style which many predicted would result in Edson’s downfall quickly came to fruition midway through the very first round. Trading brutal calf kicks in the opening exchanges, ‘The Highlight’ then circled and stunned Barboza with a counter shot, causing a mouse to form over the … Continue reading What’s Next For Justin Gaethje ?

8 Strange Fist Fights We Want To See In 2019

With 2019 MMA off to a flying start with the beheading of TJ Dillashaw, we decided it was best to ponder the matchups we’d love to view during this celestial spin; yet we likely won’t due to petty promotional malpractice.¬† ¬†Israel Adesanya Vs Gregard Mousasi Israel Adesanya is the swagest fighter maybe in all the multiverse. The dude oozes slickness from every conceivable pore. I think we match Israel against Gegard; mainly because Gegard is a cool mofo too. I know they’re both in rival promotions, but who gives a shit ? Give each man a big enough wad of … Continue reading 8 Strange Fist Fights We Want To See In 2019