How Many Flyweights Could Jon Jones Take?

Surely everyone does loves a good underdog story, and why the hell not? So with the state of the UFC flyweight division still up in air, I have created a scenario for those tough little fellas to keep their job while getting big PPV money: It’s rather simple. You must fight Jon ‘Bones’ Jones in the main event…. in waves of 3. Of course, this sounds ridiculous. Even I initially questioned by very sanity for coming up with such a ludicrous idea. “Three men vs one? NO WAY that party of one survives a single round.” “What happens when the … Continue reading How Many Flyweights Could Jon Jones Take?

StipeTapped Staff Picks: UFC 235

We’re just a few hours away from UFC 235, so why not spend the time reading who our elite site staff think are going to win in this weeks edition of human cockfighting. Casey J. Bachs picks: Jon Jones – This title defence is basically a joke, as is this division. 205 should be abolished; we wouldn’t miss anything and 185 and heavyweight would benefit Tyron – You need more than wrestling to beat this all-time great champion Lawler – Uncle Dana will indeed get to laugh for decades that he matched Askren up with an elite anti-wrestler who won’t … Continue reading StipeTapped Staff Picks: UFC 235