Polish corner: What Really Happened At The KSW Weigh Ins?

During yesterday’s KSW weigh ins, an incident happened – Both Roberto Soldic and Krystian Kaszubowski were bombarded with pigs trotters when they stood on  stage. Marc Diakiese came out and claimed the incident was due to racism, so StipeTapped decided to perform a deeper investigation into what actually occurred and why.  First time in Poland and the racism is unreal!! — Bonecrusher ☠️ (@Marc_Diakiese) May 17, 2019 Yes, it was not a coincidence that pig trotters where thrown during the Soldic Kaszubowski weigh-in. But it had nothing to do with Soldic or Diakiese being in attendance Gotta admit having heard … Continue reading Polish corner: What Really Happened At The KSW Weigh Ins?

Report: MMA Fighter Caught Jaywalking

***Disclaimer: By writing a story of this magnitude I’m putting my very own life at risk. If you find me dead, you’ll know I was murdered for my part in this world shattering exposé*** Without further ado: In the constant spin cycle that is ‘MMA media’. There’s occasionally a story out there that blooms, a story which the corporate elite ‘who control this very spin cycle of reporting’ are too afraid to tell you. ‘Vox media?’ – Pfft they’re a fake news organisation that’s run by a bunch of crazy communist liberals who want to see this great country perish … Continue reading Report: MMA Fighter Caught Jaywalking