BKB 16 Preview: The Bare Knuckle Shuffle

Twenty years ago you’d have been hard pressed to find a casual fight fan out there that’d even heard of ‘bare knuckle boxing’, let alone actually witnessed a contest with their very own eyes. At the turn of the century, Guy Ritchie’s Brit-sploitation classic ‘Snatch’ lifted the lid on the murky world of unlicensed and bare knuckle pugilism, but its romanticised, smoke-filled and beer-drenched pastiche of the underworld’s favourite pass-time was a gargantuous far cry from the reality of the bare knuckle scene. For the most part, bare knuckle in the late 1990s wasn’t that vastly different from bare knuckle … Continue reading BKB 16 Preview: The Bare Knuckle Shuffle