The Weird But Wonderful UFC 237

In the buildup to UFC 237, the event received a lot of criticism from analysts and fans alike for having one of the weakest main cards in ultimate fighting history. For the most part, they were correct. This was easily the least excited I’ve ever been for an ESPN era PPV and it wasn’t even the most exciting MMA event on that night (way to go Bellator!) However, despite the card being rather lacklustre in terms of star-power and hype, I do think there are some positives and interesting stories that come from the event. The New Blood On Saturday … Continue reading The Weird But Wonderful UFC 237

A Casual’s Guide to UFC 237: Why You Must Watch

Hello casuals… Daniel Dees here and I am your designated tour guide. As a life long fan of MMA, it breaks my heart watching you all struggle trying to understand what the hell is going on. Life is busy enough to try to understand who’s who on the card. But that’s why I’m here! Here to give you context on the fights you must watch at UFC 237. BJ Penn vs Clay Guida:This is the fight you didn’t know you wanted in 2009, but here you are getting it in 2019! MMA God’s bless up. Why you should root for … Continue reading A Casual’s Guide to UFC 237: Why You Must Watch