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The Fallout: What To Do After UFC 243?

The art of counter-striking has produced some quite phenomenal results in high level mixed-martial-art in the last decade or so. The ability to time an opponents offense and then launch your own counter offensive has been brought to the forefront … Continue reading The Fallout: What To Do After UFC 243?

The Three UFC Kings Of Nigeria

Through the first few months of 2019, the UFC has seen several champions lose their belts. Whether it be interim or the real thing (as if we know the difference at this point), the turnover has been fun to watch and extremely intriguing. Once great champions now stand in the shadows of these new up and comers, leaving the MMA world excited for things to come. One of the biggest storylines however, has been the surge of talent from UFC fighters of Nigerian decent. Never before have we seen Nigerian fighters dominant the playing field as we have this year, … Continue reading The Three UFC Kings Of Nigeria

Distinguishing the Real from Hype at UFC 236

In the wake of the UFC’s first ESPN-exclusive PPV event we got two new interim champions, each crowned in wild, memorable, five-round brawls. After such a newsworthy show, it may be hard for you, the simple fan, to know how to feel. What should we be celebrating, and what should we be outraged about? When is the hype real, and when is the UFC trying to trick us out of our money? Unfortunately for both of us, I can’t make up your mind for you, but in this article I will at least give you some direction on what you … Continue reading Distinguishing the Real from Hype at UFC 236

Analysis: Israel Adesanya – The Future?

It’s been a hasty rise through the ranks of the shark tank that is the UFC’s middleweight division for the former GLORY Kickboxing star Israel ‘The Last Stylebender’ Adesanya, and next weekend, he is catapulted into his premier promotional championship bout, albeit it is for an Interim belt. The ever charismatic Nigerian-Kiwi exploded into the UFC just last year. Before making his promotional debut; Izzy was being touted by ‘hardcores’ as a future contender and if not a contender – a violent maniac capable of snapping anyones consciousness in an instant. Adesanya has lived up to the hype and then … Continue reading Analysis: Israel Adesanya – The Future?

8 Strange Fist Fights We Want To See In 2019

With 2019 MMA off to a flying start with the beheading of TJ Dillashaw, we decided it was best to ponder the matchups we’d love to view during this celestial spin; yet we likely won’t due to petty promotional malpractice.¬† ¬†Israel Adesanya Vs Gregard Mousasi Israel Adesanya is the swagest fighter maybe in all the multiverse. The dude oozes slickness from every conceivable pore. I think we match Israel against Gegard; mainly because Gegard is a cool mofo too. I know they’re both in rival promotions, but who gives a shit ? Give each man a big enough wad of … Continue reading 8 Strange Fist Fights We Want To See In 2019