MMA Retrospect: The Experience Of A Lifetime

As I sit atop section 134 of Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, spinning my coke. Just seconds after the current Flyweight king, Henry Cejudo blasted through Wilson Reis to earn a TKO victory. My legs shake with anticipation as I sit there wearing a Bud Light hat, a Generic UFC shirt, and a Grey pair of laceless Reeboks that i nearly tore in two while jamming them on my pie-plate foot. Everything kept going through my mind: Maybe things have changed, I hope, I hope I don’t miss the text, oh shit maybe I had one too many drinks, was … Continue reading MMA Retrospect: The Experience Of A Lifetime

Polish Corner: Six Things That Should Have Happened In Polish MMA (but, sadly, have not)

The world of Polish MMA is rather fascinating  – it is so unique, that no other country can be compared when it comes to anecdotes, stories or events. That is why I am now starting the “Polish Corner” – a non-cyclic series of articles about our beautiful sport. To kick it off – here are six things that should have happened at some point in Polish MMA, but – sadly – have not. Pawel Nastula has never walked out to “Randori” by Peja Pawel Nastula is a legend when it comes to Martial Arts in Poland. He’s an Olympic Gold … Continue reading Polish Corner: Six Things That Should Have Happened In Polish MMA (but, sadly, have not)

I Just Got Choked Out For The First Time

So, you just got choked out… Well, maybe you didn’t, but I did, or so I’m told. Recently, ya boy got put to sleep by an apparent cross collar choke in a gi jiu jitsu class. It went like this: Step 1: “I should worry about that collar grip.” Step 2: “My dick hurts.” Step 3: “What do you mean I went to sleep.” I’m sure you have questions about that second part; don’t worry, Lloyd Irvin is not my jiu jitsu instructor. I’ll break it down for you. I was rolling with my training partner, we’ll call him “Kevin” … Continue reading I Just Got Choked Out For The First Time

The Wheelhouse – ‘Just Winning’ ?

March 17, 1997. A day that will not mean much to those non-MMA-historians, but it marked one or two of the UFC’s most important watershed moments. The first? UFC 15: Collision Course. In those carefree days of bathing in blood, the event was held with an array of the world’s finest brawlers, technicians and up-and-comers. We’d see a card that typified the strange, Pre-Zuffa era in which the entire televised card was nothing but heavyweight contenders. The second? That one man, James Ladner, to be known hereafter both in article and history as the ‘Just Bleed Guy’, cemented his legacy … Continue reading The Wheelhouse – ‘Just Winning’ ?

Gambling: The Fights That Haunt Us #1

For those who gamble on MMA fights, you know just how stressful it can be. This is not a team sport, and one shot could ruin your whole night, marriage and maybe destroy your livelihood. Everyone has those gut wrenching losses that make absolutely no sense. Everyone still has those bets that should have cashed no matter what. Everyone has dare I say faced the pain… FIGHTS WE REGRET is a weekly post where we will touch on previous MMA bets that did not quite go our way. Whether the fighter outright ignored the game plan, played into their opponents … Continue reading Gambling: The Fights That Haunt Us #1

We Meet Michael; the Brooklyn dolly

You’ve all seen him, made infamous during the Brooklyn bus attack perpetrated by a notorious phone stomper, and motivational speaker Conor McGregor. But do you really know the dolly? Most of you don’t even know his real name and yet he’ll forever be part of MMA’s history. In a groundbreaking interview brought to you by the staff of StipeTapped, Michael opens up to the world and reveal a lot about himself. ***He stands tall with a cold heartless stare*** I had to wait for half an hour in the cold but I eventually entered the building (without permission of course). … Continue reading We Meet Michael; the Brooklyn dolly

How Many Flyweights Could Jon Jones Take?

Surely everyone does loves a good underdog story, and why the hell not? So with the state of the UFC flyweight division still up in air, I have created a scenario for those tough little fellas to keep their job while getting big PPV money: It’s rather simple. You must fight Jon ‘Bones’ Jones in the main event…. in waves of 3. Of course, this sounds ridiculous. Even I initially questioned by very sanity for coming up with such a ludicrous idea. “Three men vs one? NO WAY that party of one survives a single round.” “What happens when the … Continue reading How Many Flyweights Could Jon Jones Take?

EXCLUSIVE: We Talk To McGregors Latest Victim

In the early morning hours of Monday March 11th a vicious; heart wrenching assault was committed. By none other than Conor McGregor. McGregor had just left the night club ‘LIV’, and was inside a Miami hotel. It was there that a fan of the MMA superstar, (who also left the same club as he spotted McGregor in). When trying to take a picture with the global MMA Superstar, the fan was violently assaulted. StipeTapped rushed to scene and has secured a world exclusive interview with the victim of this incident. Calling us from inside the hospital, we spoke to Mr. … Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: We Talk To McGregors Latest Victim

Report: MMA Fighter Caught Jaywalking

***Disclaimer: By writing a story of this magnitude I’m putting my very own life at risk. If you find me dead, you’ll know I was murdered for my part in this world shattering exposé*** Without further ado: In the constant spin cycle that is ‘MMA media’. There’s occasionally a story out there that blooms, a story which the corporate elite ‘who control this very spin cycle of reporting’ are too afraid to tell you. ‘Vox media?’ – Pfft they’re a fake news organisation that’s run by a bunch of crazy communist liberals who want to see this great country perish … Continue reading Report: MMA Fighter Caught Jaywalking