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An Early Christmas: MMA Style

Congratulations combat sports fans, you have all somehow made it on the nice list and therefore Christmas is coming early this year. Saturday, December 7th 2019 has everything a maniacal fight fan dreams of. There’s UFC Washington, where up-and-coming KO … Continue reading An Early Christmas: MMA Style

The Three UFC Kings Of Nigeria

Through the first few months of 2019, the UFC has seen several champions lose their belts. Whether it be interim or the real thing (as if we know the difference at this point), the turnover has been fun to watch and extremely intriguing. Once great champions now stand in the shadows of these new up and comers, leaving the MMA world excited for things to come. One of the biggest storylines however, has been the surge of talent from UFC fighters of Nigerian decent. Never before have we seen Nigerian fighters dominant the playing field as we have this year, … Continue reading The Three UFC Kings Of Nigeria

Gambling: The Fights That Haunt Us #2

Betting on a fighter with who has something of a ‘suspect’ fight IQ is a dangerous game. You know they should win because of their wrestling, but then they flip the script and decide that they want to be a striker, shit hits the fan. You find yourself yelling at your TV, begging them to shoot for a takedown to end this god-damn fight. That being said, it’s even worse to discover a fighters fight IQ is terrible during the fight. It’s like adopting a dog from the pound, and halfway home you realize it meows like a cat. “I … Continue reading Gambling: The Fights That Haunt Us #2

Gambling: The Fights That Haunt Us #1

For those who gamble on MMA fights, you know just how stressful it can be. This is not a team sport, and one shot could ruin your whole night, marriage and maybe destroy your livelihood. Everyone has those gut wrenching losses that make absolutely no sense. Everyone still has those bets that should have cashed no matter what. Everyone has dare I say faced the pain… FIGHTS WE REGRET is a weekly post where we will touch on previous MMA bets that did not quite go our way. Whether the fighter outright ignored the game plan, played into their opponents … Continue reading Gambling: The Fights That Haunt Us #1

How Many Flyweights Could Jon Jones Take?

Surely everyone does loves a good underdog story, and why the hell not? So with the state of the UFC flyweight division still up in air, I have created a scenario for those tough little fellas to keep their job while getting big PPV money: It’s rather simple. You must fight Jon ‘Bones’ Jones in the main event…. in waves of 3. Of course, this sounds ridiculous. Even I initially questioned by very sanity for coming up with such a ludicrous idea. “Three men vs one? NO WAY that party of one survives a single round.” “What happens when the … Continue reading How Many Flyweights Could Jon Jones Take?