The Wheelhouse – ‘Just Winning’ ?

March 17, 1997. A day that will not mean much to those non-MMA-historians, but it marked one or two of the UFC’s most important watershed moments. The first? UFC 15: Collision Course. In those carefree days of bathing in blood, the event was held with an array of the world’s finest brawlers, technicians and up-and-comers. We’d see a card that typified the strange, Pre-Zuffa era in which the entire televised card was nothing but heavyweight contenders. The second? That one man, James Ladner, to be known hereafter both in article and history as the ‘Just Bleed Guy’, cemented his legacy … Continue reading The Wheelhouse – ‘Just Winning’ ?

Gladiator In The Mist – Interview With UFC Production

It’s not very often you hear about the production team that works behind the scenes during any of the myriad UFC events. From top to bottom, working with a diverse group of talent from all fields; graphic designers, lighting technicians, commentators, camera operators, sound technicians, the list goes on, every event is put on with hard work, effort, passion and most importantly of all; desire. However talented and professional some staff are, times change. When ZUFFA had taken over control of the UFC in 2001, changes were going to be taking place. The company was poised to take the main … Continue reading Gladiator In The Mist – Interview With UFC Production