Choose their Dream Fights

As a ‘sport’ mixed martial arts mainly revolves around the sweet science that is matchmaking. You’d expect: Good Fights = Happy Fans. So with this concept in mind, we decided to poll some of the StipeTapped elite staff members and our humble fans for their opinions on a few dream fights they’d like to see; whether it being from the past, present or future. Ciro Crispino – Rumble Johnson Vs Pretty much anyone When Ciro was asked this question, he was certain about one thing, and one thing only. He wants to see Rumble Johnson locked back into a cage. … Continue reading Choose their Dream Fights

8 Strange Fist Fights We Want To See In 2019

With 2019 MMA off to a flying start with the beheading of TJ Dillashaw, we decided it was best to ponder the matchups we’d love to view during this celestial spin; yet we likely won’t due to petty promotional malpractice.¬† ¬†Israel Adesanya Vs Gregard Mousasi Israel Adesanya is the swagest fighter maybe in all the multiverse. The dude oozes slickness from every conceivable pore. I think we match Israel against Gegard; mainly because Gegard is a cool mofo too. I know they’re both in rival promotions, but who gives a shit ? Give each man a big enough wad of … Continue reading 8 Strange Fist Fights We Want To See In 2019