Japanese Kickboxing God Takeru Injures Hand

The Japanese kickboxing God; that is Takeru Segawa has sadly been taken out of face punching action due to a hand tendon. Current estimates are saying that he will return in August, but like everything in combat sports, take this with a grain of salt. Takeru (38-1) is something of a living, breathing anime super-villain. On one hand Takeru is; to quote Joe Rogan, “One of the most violent motherfu**ers on earth”. He fights with a reckless hay-makery, swingy style and seeks to knock his opponent to ether with every blow. It’s almost comical to watch him fight as when … Continue reading Japanese Kickboxing God Takeru Injures Hand

‘Felony’ Bennet Starts GoFundMe For His Broken Hand

The man, the myth, the legend that is ‘Felony’ Bennet; as he’s now known (Pour one out for old ‘Crazy Horse’) has started a GoFundMe page to help secure money to treat his ‘Chronic Mallet Finger’. Find the full description of the injury below, but he claims his finger is fucked and that’s he suffering from a bacterial infection in it that could turn deadly if left untreated. Supposedly this happened due to his bare-knuckle fighting exploits last summer. On July 2nd of 2018 Felony took on James Freeman in an MMA bout at the Island Fights promotion based in … Continue reading ‘Felony’ Bennet Starts GoFundMe For His Broken Hand

Why MMA Twitter Is A Toxic Vessel Of Shit

Using social media is plainly pointless, I deleted my Twitter account recently and it was one of the greatest thing I ever did. My digital existence was wiped, in a few swipes and clicks I was able to exercise a digital white wash by removing myself from the great hive of information that is Twitter. Since wiping myself I’ve seen a drastic change, now I have more time to complete tasks that were previously sent to the wayside; I’ve read books and consumed valuable life-changing information that Twitter lacks. So why did I do it, why leave my Twitter account … Continue reading Why MMA Twitter Is A Toxic Vessel Of Shit

Report: MMA Fighter Caught Jaywalking

***Disclaimer: By writing a story of this magnitude I’m putting my very own life at risk. If you find me dead, you’ll know I was murdered for my part in this world shattering exposé*** Without further ado: In the constant spin cycle that is ‘MMA media’. There’s occasionally a story out there that blooms, a story which the corporate elite ‘who control this very spin cycle of reporting’ are too afraid to tell you. ‘Vox media?’ – Pfft they’re a fake news organisation that’s run by a bunch of crazy communist liberals who want to see this great country perish … Continue reading Report: MMA Fighter Caught Jaywalking

Happy Birthday Sage ! His Best Shirtless Moments

Last week, the world celebrated 24 years of Sage Northcutts existence. So what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than by compiling some slick shots of ‘Super’ Sage doing what he does best; which is walking around shirtless and looking fly whilst doing so. If you’ve ever ventured over to his Instagram you’ll find a multitude of pics, so that’s exactly what we did. Take a look at some of the best below: Stretching Sage View this post on Instagram Getting ready for Montana A post shared by Super Sage Northcutt (@supersagenorthcutt) on Sep 11, 2018 at 4:14pm PDT … Continue reading Happy Birthday Sage ! His Best Shirtless Moments