Polish corner: What Really Happened At The KSW Weigh Ins?

During yesterday's KSW weigh ins, an incident happened - Both Roberto Soldic and Krystian Kaszubowski were bombarded with pigs trotters when they stood on  stage. Marc Diakiese came out and claimed the incident was due to racism, so StipeTapped decided to perform a deeper investigation into what actually occurred and why.  https://twitter.com/Marc_Diakiese/status/1129435270166863872 Yes, it was [...]

Polish Corner: Six Things That Should Have Happened In Polish MMA (but, sadly, have not)

The world of Polish MMA is rather fascinating  – it is so unique, that no other country can be compared when it comes to anecdotes, stories or events. That is why I am now starting the “Polish Corner” - a non-cyclic series of articles about our beautiful sport. To kick it off – here are [...]