The Three Greatest Guys in MMA

In a sport that’s dominated by and centered around brutal violence it’s often thought that the nice guys won’t last, let alone make an impression in the sport. Well, I’m here to tell you that that line of thinking isn’t … Continue reading The Three Greatest Guys in MMA

Three Promotional Changes That Radically Changed MMA

Over the brief history of mixed martial arts there have been many promotions that have done inventive and often innovative things that have made a lasting impact and have reshaped how the entire sport operates. In this list we will take a look at three of those promotional changes that have made, monumental significant differences to the sport. Some fist fighting junkies may love these changes, but some may loathe them (believe me I’m well aware that you’ll let me know) 3: Hydration Testing (ONE Championship Weigh-Ins) After the unfortunate death of ONE FC fighter; Yang Jian Bing before an … Continue reading Three Promotional Changes That Radically Changed MMA

The Five Biggest Upsets in MMA History

In all sports and competitions; upsets happen, the team, person, or organization expected to come out on top doesn’t always get it done, but unlike other sports there is something absolutely magical when an upsets happens in the unpredictable and violent world of MMA. Upsets in MMA inspire us and leave us in awe in a way that other sports just can’t match. These upsets cause us to completely reevaluate how we perceive the sport. In MMA an upset doesn’t involve a bunch of people scoring more touchdowns, or accumulating more runs, it involves a human being imposing their physical … Continue reading The Five Biggest Upsets in MMA History

The Five Greatest TUF Champions

The Ultimate Fighter reality TV series has been a staple of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the MMA community ever since its inception all the way back in 2005 on Spike TV. Fast forwards to 2019 and there’s been 27 seasons of the show (not including 10 seasons of various international versions). Winning the show is an amazing feat that can catapult a fighter to stardom faster than if they scratched and clawed their way through the regional scenes, but winning the show doesn’t guarantee sustained success as we have seen with many of the shows winners. Here I’m going … Continue reading The Five Greatest TUF Champions