Five Fighters Who Would Totally Suck At Wrestling

As another Wrestlemania comes and goes, the conversation inevitably comes up of MMA and WWE crossovers. The tradition is ages old, with various people changing between the two worlds. Professional Wrestlers like Brock Lesnar and CM Punk move to MMA, while fighters like Matthew Riddle and Ronda Rousey trade real fighting for fake. Today, we take a look at the MMA fighters who would not do well in the world of professional wrestling. 5. Cain Velasquez The list is started with someone who has actually started dipping his toes in the pro wrestling pool. It was recently announced that he … Continue reading Five Fighters Who Would Totally Suck At Wrestling

Multiverse Tales: The world where McGregor lost

All it took was thirteen seconds to change the very world as we know it. Thirteen seconds to send Conor McGregor over the edge of greatness. It only took thirteen seconds for things to change forever. Everybody knows what happened; UFC 194, December 12th 2015; McGregor took out the only UFC Featherweight Champion ever, Jose Aldo. Countless amounts of promos made, an entire world tour, and it all came to an end in just 13 measly seconds. This would spark the beginning of a new era for MMA. McGregor would go on to win a second title, at Lightweight. He … Continue reading Multiverse Tales: The world where McGregor lost

The Five Worst Trash Talkers In MMA

MMA’s Worst Trash Talkers In this modern era of Mixed Martial Arts, being a good trash talker is pretty important. As much as we hate to admit it, MMA is part of the entertainment industry and being able to spit hot fire guarantees $$$ We all know who is skilled at this delicate art. People such as Chael Sonnen,  the ever eloquent Diaz brothers, and the living, breathing Irish stereotype that is Conor McGregor have all set the bar high for trash talking; others however, not so much. Here are five of the most awful trash talkers in MMA. Tito … Continue reading The Five Worst Trash Talkers In MMA

Fighter & Celebrity Relationships We Need In 2019

Things have been getting hot in the MMA space lately, with Brian Ortega posing and working alongside Halle Berry, who referred to him as her “Man Crush.” Not to mention seeing Henry Cejudo trying to hit on one of the Bella Twins, writing her cringey “poetry” and asking for dates. Today I put on my pair of love goggles and attempt to do some romantic matchmaking, to pair up these fighters with the perfect celebrity match. Derrick Lewis and Melissa McCarthy These two comedians share a similar style of wrenching humour, and they would obviously dazzle together whist flexing their … Continue reading Fighter & Celebrity Relationships We Need In 2019

12 Fighters Who Deserve Interim Belts

It was recently announced that the Featherweight Kingpin Max Holloway will be moving up in weight to face Dustin Poirer for the Interim Lightweight Title. The co-main event is also for another interim title fight, between Kelvin Gastelum, and Israel Adesanya. This got us thinking; who else would we like to see get an interim title shot in 2019? Below is the answer! 12. Joanna Jedrzejczyk – 115lbs After all, she is the queen of the straw-weights, with Rose out for what appears like forever; why not throw Joanna on the interim train? 11. Joanna Jedrzejczyk – 125lbs I would … Continue reading 12 Fighters Who Deserve Interim Belts

5 Fighters Who Need To Start Podcasts

In the year of 2019; everybody and their Dirty Uncle Frank seems to have a podcast. The podcasting phenomena seems incredibly prevalent in MMA, maybe it’s because the MMA world is plagued with fake ‘MMA Journalists’, who think they’re more important than what they really are, and thus they think that they must host podcasts. Or it might be because people are desperate to make money any way possible, and podcasting offers another avenue of making dollar. There’s maybe only a handful of podcasts that actually have a half decent claim to being good, however the vast majority are absolutely … Continue reading 5 Fighters Who Need To Start Podcasts

Thursday Theory: Looking Into Cains Knee

Alright humans, listen up, fasten your Aluminum foil hats on tight, we are taking a steep turn onto Conspiracy Lane. Was a scary shovel hook from the depths of Haydes used by N’gannou to send Cain Velasquez crashing to the canvas this past weekend? We here at StipeTapped state that it clearly wasn’t an uppercut, there was something deeper at play that evening! It was simply a clear cut case of Sea-Level Cain beating himself, and we have the exclusive proof below. As evident by the above image, you can clearly see Cain throw the left high kick, resulting in … Continue reading Thursday Theory: Looking Into Cains Knee

Multiverse Tales: Is Stipe The GOAT ?

We here at the StipeTapped secret underground world headquarters; firmly stand in the truth that Stipe Miocic is a colossal cheating scumbag who lost to Alistair Overeem. However, somewhere out there is a universe in which this ‘tap’ isn’t an issue. In this universe, through a winding spontaneous meander of events, not only is Stipe the undisputed champion, he is undeniably the Greatest to ever step foot in the octagon. Let’s jump through the portal and see how this happened. The year: 2011, the event: UFC on Fox 1. All it took was 64 measly seconds for the heavyweight champion … Continue reading Multiverse Tales: Is Stipe The GOAT ?