StipeTapped: Reborn

Editors view: 

It’s been a while folks, but StipeTapped is back! For the past few months I’ve been on something of a hiatus. With the pandemic reshaping how we work and lead our lives, I’ve been unable to put as much energy into covering MMA as I otherwise would have. Over the past few months I’ve been sidetracked with other non-MMA related projects, and to be honest I just generally felt burnt out on covering MMA. As a result StipeTapped has been left stagnant.

Thankfully though after a long break I’m coming back re-energized and motivated to steer the StipeTapped helm. I’m insanely proud of what our awesome little team was able to accomplish in just our first year, and I’m excited to rebuild and takes things further and better than before. There’s definitely a major gap in the MMA landscape for StipeTapped, and we’re excited to be back.

In our first year we experimented and tried tons of different content. From video pieces, to interviews to long form editorial pieces; we tried it all. Some of it you loved, and some of it less so. This time; things will be different. Now we’re focusing mainly on MMA opinion pieces, and innovative video content such as Twitch streaming and short clips. We’re moving away from the interviews and ‘Breaking News’ articles because frankly that type of content kinda sucks. Everybody else is already producing interviews and news pieces, and we want to be radically different. Realistically who needs another breaking news site when Ariel Helwani exists?StipeTapped is not a traditional media outlet, so we’re not going to try to emulate what others are already doing. We want to offer you a unique perspective on the MMA landscape, a StipeTapped view. 

So what’s next for us? For now we’re going to continue producing articles on the site and grow our YouTube channel. We’re also going to put a massive emphasis on the quality of our content, instead of the quantity. We can’t guarantee daily content but we can strive to get at least a few kick-ass pieces of content out every week. It’s up to us to put the work in now, and continue our growth. We hope that you’ll follow along with us. Thank you!


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