Martyn Ford Teases MMA Debut In Cryptic Instagram Post

With the UFC 245 fight week festivities wrapping up, it’s been a rather slow MMA news week *so far*. This was until Polish Titan Martyn Ford posted this cryptic message to Instagram that has sent Polish MMA fans into a flurry.

“Enough talk, enough IF’s and BUT’s, now the time for action has come. It’s going to be one hell of a change, so I have enlisted the industries best to help get my body ready for what lies ahead. Working with my strength and conditioning coach Phil Richards rebuilding my body ready for war. Leaving no stone unturned, the time is now.”

Martyn Ford

It looks like Martyns debut is right around the corner as he “enlists the industries best” to get his body “ready for war”. The closing statement of “The time is now” really makes us believe that the much anticipated fight announcement is going to happen anytime now and that Martyn is now getting stuck into fight camp.

If you don’t already know Martyn, he is an actor and is also the CEO of Ignite Nutrition. He rose to prominence in the MMA circle when it was announced in October 2018 that he had signed to European MMA promotion KSW. Nearly a year later and we still haven’t seen him compete, hopefully though we finally get to witness the megaliths debut in 2020.

Hype. War Martyn!

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