Evidence Shows Frankie Edgar & Chris Weidman Now Support Anti-Vax Movement

Both Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar & Chris Weidman took to Twitter last night to retweet and spread the maniacal ramblings of anti-vax conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The messages were first spread out by ex-UFC fighter Nick Catone, who posted a pretty lengthy instagram post on how and why people need to resist Government tyranny. (I can’t help but internally read the whole post in an extreme slack jawed yokel voice)

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Tomorrow is IT, people!!! S2173/A3818 in Full Senate AND Assembly at 1pm. Tomorrow our GOVERMENT will decide if they will strip us of our Religious Freedoms, our Constitutional Right of Medical Freedom! They will decide if they have the RIGHT to inject us with WHATEVER they want! To line your children in the halls of their schools and Vaccinate them with whatever they want: 💥WITHOUT YOUR CONCENT!!!!💥 ✔ HPV ✔ FLU ✔ WHATEVER THE HELL THEY BELIEVE THEY NEED . . Everything changes if this bill goes through. Not only are they going after our children stripping away our rights as parents, they have a plan set up to go after adults next. You won’t be able to get a drivers license, passport , health insurance unless you are up to date on all shots. . . People are not taking this serious and need to understand what is at stake here. Try to get someone from your household in Trenton tomorrow, tell family members friends everyone you can or In a 180 days when your kids are no longer welcome in school, you will have to quit your job anyways to homeschool. Don’t count on others being there. So many people are upset about this but nobody from their family is going to fight, we need numbers in Trenton. . . . Stand up and Fight for your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS people. They may be gone tomorrow. THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE!!! #flyhighnicholas✈️💙 #Repost @robertfkennedyjr with @get_repost

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Essentially Kennedy and his peers are lobbying to stop forced inoculations of school children in the USA, and this week the senate will be looking into banning forced inoculations in the state of New Jersey. It’s a shame to see Weidman & Edgar spread these harmful messages, as I’m sure that if Kennedy is successful with getting rid of vaccinations, many kids could die or suffer from easily preventable diseases.

Almost any reputable scientist or doctor out there will tell you the movement is built upon lies and mass hysteria. But in the modern hyper-connected world it’s becoming easier to spread false narratives and disinformation, as people would rather get their info from shitty facebook posts than actual accademia. It’s kinda sad to see both Edgar and Weidman get honeydicked into the anti-vaxx movement. Poor guys. Hopefully nobody will suffer due to their ignorance.

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