The StipeTapped Staff Pick UFC 244

What is the meaning of life, why do we exist, and who is the baddest mofo in MMA? These are the questions some of the world’s most renowned philosophers & Sherdog users have been pondering over for years, and this weekend it looks like we’ll finally get some definitive answers.

But before the violent chaos of UFC 244 kicks off, StipeTapped HQ had a roundtable discussion about who we believe will pick up a victory tonight.

Riley Woodford:

Gillespie – The dude has been an absolute beast in his last few fights.

Lewis – These are the fights he always ends up wins. He will land something.

Wonderboy –  I just think he’s better and with recent losses I expect him to be quite cautious here. So it may end up being a very tactical fight.

Kelvin – Such a bad fight for Till. He’s been finished in his last two fights and now he’s fighting an iron jawed power puncher

Masvidal – I think they’re basically the same fighter. I think masvidal will land more without getting hit.

When asked to make a prediction, Wyatt Lerner sent us this GIF:

Tom Kilmister:

Kevin Lee – Because he’s one of my go to men when playing UFC 3

Derrick Lewis – In hopes of another inspirational post fight speech

Wonderboy – I find him pretty mesmerizing to watch

Till – Just gotta respect the fellow Britishness

Diaz – He deserves the BMF even if he loses, guy just doesn’t give a fuck

Emeric Daité:

Kevin Lee – Because I think training at Tristar probably made him better

Ivanov – If Lewis loses here, that would probably mean he’ll fight Greg Hardy at some point

Luque – The casual fans need to see that he’s incredible

Till – I just like the scouse accent, LMAO

Diaz – Maybe that would motivate Conor to get off his couch

Desmond Madden:

Kevin Lee – Not gonna lie, I was a bit of a Lee fanboy for a while and seeing him lose over and over again just made me root for him more and more. He badly needs a W here

Derrick Lewis – I can’t fathom how anyone would even think of rooting against Lewis

Luque – I don’t really know a terrible lot about Luque but Wonderboy seems to be nearing the end of his career

Gastelum – I love both fighters, but I feel that Kelvin is overall better in every area.

Masvidal – Similar vibes here as Till VS Kelvin, huge fans of both guys but just believe that Jorge is more well rounded everywhere.

Mark Morgan:

Gillespie – I think his wrestling is outstanding and he’s likely going to Khabib smesh Lee.

Lewis – I can see him landing that one shot he needs to send Ivanov into orbit.

Wonderboy – I don’t want to see him with back to back losses and I think he has the technique and speed to get it done.

Till – Just want to see him send fat boy Gastelum to the shadow realm. Also because of Kelvin’s win over Bisping I just cant have him shit talking UKMMA.

Masvidal – I think Masvidal has put in the work to really boost his tank this camp. You also know that whenever he’s avoiding an open workout he has something big planned.

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