KSW 50: Five Reasons To Tune In

Tonight marks the 50th Jubilee event for Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki. If you’re into Polish and European MMA the event is straight up must watch TV, but if you’re not a hardcore MMA nerd here’s five reasons why you NEED to tune in!

Phil DeFries VS Luis Henrique – Guaranteed fireworks

In the main event, England’s Phil DeFries will step up to once again defend his KSW heavyweight strap, this time he’s taking on a short notice replacement in Luis Henrique. DeFries was originally scheduled to fight Damien Grabowksi but Damien withdrew due to a training injury. Both Henrique and DeFries are huge heavyweights who are super powerful, with both men packing such insane power you’d expect that the fight will end in quick dramatic fashion.


Further down towards the bottom of the card you’ll find Crotia’s Roberto Soldic, who like his Croatian predecessors Mirko Cro Cop & Stipe Miocic is an absolute powerhouse of a human being. Soldic is easily one of the most entertaining, under-rated & under-appreciated welterweights on Earth right now. He holds a slew of devastating knockout wins and you’d expect him to pick up another dominant finish tonight.

Norman Parke – Back, and looking better than ever

After leaving the UFC in early 2016, ‘Stormin’ Norman has gone on an absolute tear through the lightweight division. He had two absolute wars with Polish MMA legend Mateuz Gamrot and is now on a slick four fight win streak. It’s fascinating to watch Norman who many deemed as ‘Finished’ in 2016 completely defy the expectations put on him, and tear through anyone that KSW puts in front of him.

Parke has gained the reputation for being something of a ‘bad boy’ in European MMA due to his brash comments and the lack of respect he shows for his opponents. Tonight he will take on Marcin Wrzoesk, a man who is quite literally known as ‘The Polish Zombie”. Expect this fight to be a back and forth war of attrition as Norman looks to take the “Zombies” head clean off.

Light-heavyweight war

In the co-main event of the evening there’s going to be an insane battle between two legends of Polish MMA as Tomasz Narkun goes to war with Przemysław Mysiala. In Narkuns last outing at KSW 47, he moved up to heavyweight and lost out to current champ Phil DeFries. This time he’s going back to his natural weight class of 205lbs where he’s defending his title. Narkun previously trumped Polish MMA legend Mamed Khalidov on back to back occasions and holds wins over Polish MMA legends like Sokodjou & Marcin Wøjcik. His opponent Mysila is a huge power striker who can effortlessly sneak in submissions if he wants to. Mysila typically starts off like a rocket and tries to murder the opponent early on by using his gargantuan power. The first few rounds will be insane!

Tony Giles – Insanity

Tony ‘The Rhino” Giles is a UK reality TV star, he gained a lot of mainstream fame from the TV series ‘Gypsies next door’. He too has fought for a plethora of kickboxing and MMA promotions all throughout the UK. He currently has compiled up a pro record of (6-1) but rest assured that he has had 100s of amatuer and street fights in his life. In his KSW debut he’ll be fighting Olympic bronze medalist and Polish hero Damian Janikowski (3-2). Tony is primarily a stand and bang style of fighter whilst Damian is a grappler. It’s not a major ground breaking MMA fight, but it’s a fun little style match-up and freak fight to be excited about. It’s gonna be better than 99% of fight pass prelims fights you’ll watch this year.

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