MMA Thirst Watch: Valentina Shevchenko Jumps Into Water, Weirdos React

I mean let’s be honest here, the sport of MMA attracts an odd crowd. It’s not really normal to get off on watching people beat each other senseless in a cage, but we do it anyway. No shame, we’re all fight fans here, it’s all good. But there is quite a few outliers in the group, there’s the extremist ‘Just-bleeders’ and alot and I mean alot of creeps here. We’re just gonna focus on the latter here.

Recently UFC flyweight champion *and most boring fighter of all time*; Valentina Shevchenko posted a clip of her jumping off a boat into a mass of water. Totally normal behaviour (Expect BJ Penn (dot) com to have a breaking news story out on it soon) but the seedy creeps who reside on the dark corners of the inter-web reacted exactly as you’d have expected to this seemingly harmless and innocent vid.

Unlike the other MMA sites who are filling your timelines with either shit or shill pieces, StipeTapped HQ opted to spend Saturday night trawling the net in an effort to find the most insane, hysterical and weirdest responses that Valentina got.

Check it out below:

I mean we’re not here to judge (We’ll leave that to you) but you can clearly see that the Valentina thirst is real in the replies

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