Sorta Breaking News: Conor McGregor is being Conor McGregor

Surprise surprise, the king is back! Just not as you would have originally thought. In a newly earthed clip found by none other than TMZ Sports; Conor McGregor could be seen socking some old gezzer in a Dublin bar because Conor McGregor does that kinda crazy shit on a regular basis.

Soon after publication, the clip spread like rapid fire on social media, it was met with damning criticism from just about everyone who had access to both the grand inter-web and had the mental capacity for joining Twitter (dot) com. It was dubbed a ‘class-less move’, McGregor was branded a ‘Thug’ and the armies of Connaur haters rallied to damn McGregor eternally for his actions.

But, this is totally normal Conor McGregor behaviour. Let’s not forget the dolly incident, his islamophobic comments to Khabib, making fun of Khabibs wife, saying racist stuff to Mayweather, partying with hookers, numerous rumours and allegations, his favela comments to Aldo, literally every insult he threw at Nate Diaz, smashing a fans phone, calling Dennis Siver a Nazi, his verbal onslaught on Dustin Poirer and hundreds and hundreds of more crazy stuff that he’s done over the years whilst dominating the lime-light.

Conor McGregor is the king of grabbing the lime-light when he needs it and being conveyed as the insane cocky Irish-man. He’s done the most insane crazy shit throughout his entire career, and today Conor McGregor was simply just being Conor McGregor.


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