Colby Covington: The Poison Of The Message

Since his win over Damien Maia, and the subsequent interview, Colby Covington has been doing literally everything in his power to become the biggest heel in the UFC.

Proudly sporting a MAGA hat every where he goes and he isn’t shy about his support for current president, Donald Trump. The United States has seen its country divided in recent years since Trump took the White House.

Colby has used this to craft himself into a cartoonish heel that is quick to insult fans, media, and entire countries. Within this character lies a dangerous message.

Colby is an over the top characture of what he believes a villain should be and for most it is clear to see he is trying his best to work up a crowd, but the danger isn’t him. The message Colby represents is the base point for much of the hatred in America right now.

While Covington sits on a stage with a belt over his shoulder shooting off praise for the president and putting out promos titled “Nerd Bash” there’s a large demographic who follow his bigoted character as a lifestyle.

The act that Colby puts on helps to reinforce the negative actions of those who take what he says reality. These people don’t see Covington as a “Super Villain”, but as someone who is just like them.

People who follow a lifestyle with hate in their heart tend to keep within a small circle who hold the same views. Their views as seen as poison so a tight circle is needed in order to avoid ridicule.

Colby’s media persona is something these people can attach to and is helps to reinforce the fallacies in their ideology. While this may not be the intention Covington has, it’s the reality of being a public figure.

Words have consequences, and when someone has such a large public forum such as Covington, the message is amplified. Colby may not even hold said beliefs, but giving those ideas open air to breath in such an influential platform, high level athletics comes with the risk of inciting people.

Colby has never out and said he supports all the policies put in place by Trump, but it doesn’t matter. Simply praising him and wearing the hat is all people need.

With the political line being drawn in the sand and tensions growing everyday, people like Colby who use said tensions to create interest just fan the flames.

Colby struts on stage with a lady under each arm, thus showing that his actions have produced such desired results. This depiction of a champion that have women frolic to him is like light to flies for fans of his.

Colby can’t be faulted for wanting to make a name for himself, its how he puts a roof over his head and food on the table, but don’t believe that these actions don’t come with consequences.

While the messenger could be an over the top Ric Flair rip off, there’s a danger in the message. Some don’t need the poison, just the ingredients, they are more than capable of cooking up their own batch.