Rebrand: MMA Fighters As Mythological Creatures

I was recently playing through God Of War on PS4, it’s a video game that prides itself on having big-ass monsters and forcing you to slay them.

The process of ripping apart these virtual beasts almost in a way juxtaposes the process of beating the shit out of MMA fighters in a cage. It’s all calculated violence where every button press is timed and hit with intent. Like the boss battles in God Of War, you initially take your time, make reads then go fight it out, learning more about the opponent as the fight progresses.

MMA fights in a way play out just the same as video game boss battles. Right? So my hypothesis that MMA and God Of War are the same, lead me to ponder which real life cockfighters mirror actual mythological creatures.

The Griffin – Khabib Nurmagomedov

The obvious choice here! Why so? Well, both the Griffin and Khabib have the head of an eagle. Let’s also not be so quick to forget about those claws that Khabib and the griffin use to smesh and maul opponents to death. The griffin too uses its wings to soar in flight, Khabib has also been known to lift off and soar.

The Chimera – Jon Jones

According to greek mythology; the chimera originated from the Lycia region of Asia. It’s a multi-headed beast that typically consists of a lion, snake and goat head, oh and it also breathes fire too!

Jon Jones is a living breathing chimera, Jones poses the three main traits of Chimera-ness. We all know Jones is already the goat, so that’s ticked off, but he’s also a courageous lion too; taking on and conquering all obstacles in his path. Jones too also poses the snake ability too, slithering away from USADAs grasp. The man literally encompasses all aspects of being a chimera!

The Centaur – Anderson Silva

The Centaur or ‘Centaurus’ for you latin folk, is a horse-human hybrid type creature which resides in the forests of southern Laconia. It features the body of a horse but the upper portion of a human torso, where its neck would usually be.

When heading to battle, they will usually rely on long-rangy fighting techniques like their bow and arrows, but they’re also deadly when the distance is closed as they can kick their way out of trouble.

‘The Spider’ was actually a centaur all along. Silva usually stalks from a distance and fights in a weird rangy way using long jabs, like arrows to snipe the opponent out. Silva too can also use decapitating head kicks; like he did with Lyoto Machida.

So did we miss anything, did we screw up at all, or were we fantastic in our writing venture? Let us know what you thought in the comments below. Or just send us the usual hate mail or love letters to @Stipe__Tapped

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