Is It Time For The UFC To Part Ways With Joe Rogan?

Fans have been puzzled ever since the UFC made the questionable call, when they decided it was best to hire the guy from Fear Factor to start commentating. For those of who do not know Joe Rogan; the host of that one Youtube podcast, is also the voice of the UFC.

You may recall him shouting “HE’S HURT” when a leg kick partially landed, but the truth is, the man does not understand mixed martial arts. The average person with common sense would think that the UFC would hire somebody that at least had some knowledge of kickboxing or jiu jitsu to cover their sport, but no. They decided to hire a guy who specializes in doing DMT and smoking incredibly deadly drugs such as marijuana, he has no place in the UFC!

This leads to the question many diehard fans, including yours truly have been asking themselves for years. How the hell did Rogan land this spot? Many believe that despite ever actually training in UFC, that he is somewhat of a casual of the sport. The UFC took advantage of this and hired him, knowing he could not bargain for money due to his lack of knowledge in the sport.

When we reached out on Twitter, we could not get UFC president Dana White to comment on Rogan’s actual salary, but with extensive research from SuperCalo industries, we have speculated that he makes somewhere around $12 per hour. A true bargain for Rogan, but at what cost to the UFC?