Our Ten Favourite Post-fight Interviews

After a momentous victory, the post-fight speech can make or break the overall performance. Mess it up, it’s a dud and you’re forgotten about next week. Do it right and allege that someone tapped? Boom, you’re cemented forever in the MMA history books. But with the MMA world being so utterly diverse and log jammed with talent, it was hard but the team managed to condense some of our favourites into an elusive top ten list.

10. Nate Diaz: The McGregor Callout

After the explosive dogfight that was Diaz VS Johnson, the foul mouthed, jabbing aficionado, Nate Diaz took to the mic and gave a post fight interview were he proceeded to call out then king-pin Conor McGregor for ‘Taking everything he worked for…’ the post-fight interview will be forever cemented into the minds and hearts of MMA fans as one of the greatest callouts of all time.

9. Alexander Gustaffson’s Proposal

Even though, he was drenched in blood, sweat and had just beaten a man senseless in front of thousands of people Alexandar Gustaffson decided to shoot his shot at UFC Stockholm and propose to his girlfriend Moa.

8. Jack Swagger: “I’m rock hard with emotion”

Following the much anticipated slug-fest between Jacob Hager and TJ Jones we were pretty quickly brought to the realisation that the win meant a lot more than just money for Hager, maybe a little too much, I mean sure, whatever makes you happy man…

7. Daniel Cormier, Featuring Brock Lesnar

When you think of some of the most unforgettable post fight spectacles, this is one of the first to come to mind. After the biggest win of his career, Daniel Cormier is suddenly confronted by the WWEs, Brock Lesnar. ‘DC’ staring at the gargantous hulk that is Lesnar, gets involved in a good old-fashioned lighthearted shove-fest. Pretty much everyone thought the fight was a lock to be announced afterwards, with it generating a mountain load of casual interest, but it seemingly and sadly never came to fruition.

6. Chael Sonnen: “Anderson Silva, You absolutely suck”

I think my favourite part of this interview is torn between the crowds reaction, Silva’s face following the statement or the complete disregard for Rogans question, either way it was undoubtably a historic moment for the UFC.

5. Al Iaquinta: “F**CK YOU”

I mean, as frustrating as i’m sure it is, it’s not often we see a fighter lash out at the crowd like this, but either way it’s entertaining as all hell to watch.

4. GSP: “I am not impressed by your performance”

Who would ever have taken GSP as the trolling type? After Matt Hughes beat BJ Penn at UFC 63 via absolute Fluke style TKO (Literally only won cause Penn gassed, argh, enough) anyway after the win, when Hughes was celebrating, GSP ‘rushed’ in and took the mic to call out Hughes for looking poor. The callout became synonymous in the MMA community afterwards and managed to set up a fight between St.Pierre and Hughes at UFC 65.

3. Conor Mcgregor: “I’d like to take this time to apologise to absolutely F**ing Nobody”

This has got to be one of the most iconic quotes in MMA history! Fresh off his dominating victory of Eddie Alvarez, Conor McGregor just wanted one thing: ‘His other fooking belt’.

2. Yoel Romero: “I love you Mike”

A callout that just fits in with Romero’s admirable, lovable personality. In my opinion, Romero completely showcases what the sport is really about and you’ve got to respect him for that. A freak of nature athlete, a super entertaining fighter and a class act all round. Also we miss active Bisping so much…

1.Nick Diaz: “Don’t be scared homie”

We miss you Nick!!! Not many MMA fighters out there can claim to have a started a full scale riot in their careers. Nick is one of the few that can. Way back in 2008 at Elite XC: Return Of Kings, Diaz got into the cage to callout then rival KJ Noons, the callout ignited a full scale brawl in the arena and kickstarted one of the best rivalries ever.

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