The StipeTapped Staff Pick UFC 238

As the ‘fight-weeks’ fly by, we’re brought to UFC 238. Where Henry ‘CCC’ Cejudo and Marlon Moraes look to punch it out for the chance to wield the UFCs vacant bantamweight crown. Outside of the main event, we have the peoples main event of Ferguson Vs Cerrone (There’s really no need to explain why fist fighting fans are salivating over this clash) and also on the card, Valentina Shevchenko looks set to win another boring decision against Jessica Eye; who’s hoping to give it a try and win the flyweight belt by pulling off one of the biggest upsets of all time.

Ciro Crispino’s picks:

Marlon Moraes – Gonna shove Cejudo’s gold medal up his arse

Valentina Shevchenko – I mean, come on!

Tony Ferguson – I REFUSE to give up on Khabib/Tony

Petr Yan – Need new blood at 135

Tuivasa – Blagoy isn’t good. He lost that fight against Rothwell. I don’t care what anyone says.

Casey J. Bach’s picks:

Henry Cejudo – He’s in his final form and I don’t think he will lose for a long time

Valentina Shevchenko – I know it’s trendy to call her overrated, but also she’s mad cute so cmon guys

Tony Ferguson – I’m gonna get wild cuz I’m on vacation and say it — Tony is the GOAT!

Jimmie Rivera: His recent losses to top flight competition have people sleeping on his all-around prowess

Blagoy – The Rothwell win was a big one and his only losses are to top guys. I think he’s a better talent than the tough but predictable Tuisava. Also his Wiki has a section called “bar fight incident,” how could I not pick this guy

Riley Woodford’s picks:

Henry Cejudo – Simply based on more tools to win. If he gets cracked he will probably turn it into a wrestling match.

Valentina Shevchenko – I’m not sure eye has the output to beat her. Granted, majority of her UFC career hasn’t been at her optimal weight class

Tony Ferguson – Three round fight suits tony better. If Donald falls behind early with a slow start it’ll be a lot of ground to make up for him. Cheering for cowboy

Jimmie Riveria – I just feel his experience will win out here.

Tai Tuivasa – Mainly because I like him.

Jonathon McAleer’s picks:

Henry Cejudo – I hate him and believe that Moraes is a better fighter however he looks solid right now (cause he’s on the juice)

Valentina Shevchenko – There is a reason that Jessica Eye is 8/1 to win. Valentina will outclass her opponent and most likely finish with a KO

Tony Ferguson- Really difficult to call however Tony is badass. He gets rocked and still continues to fight and win. It’s gonna be an epic fight but I believe his cardio will prevail and get him the W

Jimmie Riviera – Can be a ‘hit and miss’ however he has a solid overall game and can cause problems.

Blagoy Ivanov – It’s a striker vs groundgame match up and ground game always wins. Wrestling and grappling are the keys to his victory. He takes the fight to the ground and he wins

Mark Morgan’s picks:

Marlon Moraes- Mostly because Cejudo is too full of himself

Valentina Shevchenko – She’s a freak athlete with superb striking

Donald Cerrone – I think Cowboy takes it by SD

Jimmie Rivera – dunno

Tai Tuivasa – Big Mark Hunt vibes ‘You little ratfucks’

Tom Kilmister’s picks:

Henry Cejudo – He looks solid, not naturally but you know…

Valentina Shevchenko – Beating Joanna made me see her as a really solid fighter

Tony Ferguson – As much as i’m torn between the two I’d be more interested in a Tony getting a title shot after 238.

Jimmie Riveria – The towel prank just makes me like the guy tbh

Tai Tuivasa – Looking at recent sporting events he seems to have a winning body type

Kyler Hourahan’s picks:

Marlon Moraes – He looks like one punch man and Cejudo seems to be injured

Valentina Shevchenko- I think she’s just better everywhere

Donald Cerrone – I for one, believe in ‘dad-bod’ Cerrone

Jimmie Rivera – He’s only lost to high level competition and I’m not sure Yan is on that level yet

Tai Tuivasa- Same reason as Ciro said, don’t see at all how he beat Rothwell and i’m still butthurt over it

Desmond Madden’s picks:

Marlon Moraes – Cejudo gonna get kicked to oblivion

Jessica Eye – Valentina is the #2 least aggressive striker maybe of all time (#1 Teica Torres) so I think Eye will leap on her for the takedown whenever Valentina is staring into thin air and Eye will win the most boring decision possible

Donald Cerrone – At first I thought Tony would wreck him, but Tony gets hurts bad in every fight and Cowboy is a decent finisher

Petr Yan – Must root for a fellow brethren

Tai Tuivasa – Had a fun walkout at some UFC card that I can’t remember much of, so yeah… go Tai. I guess?

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