Investigation: Why ‘MVPs’ Loss Was Just A Big Fluke

Take a deep breath… Hold it… Just a little longer… Ok, now exhale. Now say it with me: “The loss two weeks ago didn’t mean much for MVP.”

Let’s rewind back to February 16, 2019. Let’s take a trip to Connecticut. Let’s re-watch MVP vs Paul Daley. Why are we watching this fight again? Because this fight planted the seed that ended up getting blossomed into this panic posy that a lot of people are stopping and smelling. After his fight with Paul Daley, some panic set in. “MVP didn’t deserve that win.” “MVP looked just awful.” “MVP was exposed. He got grinded out by Paul Daley, of all people!” These were very understandable concerns and valid statements. However, let’s take into account what was going on behind the curtain – MVP just buried his father.

I’m sorry, but I don’t care who the fighter is, but that kind of emotional setback would affect any athlete in any sport. You can throw Michael Jordan’s name out there and you can throw Brett Favre’s name out there, but those guys didn’t have to stare Paul Daley in the face after saying goodbye to their father. Your mind needs to be sharp, your emotions need to be in check, because one false move, Paul Daley might just viciously end your career

Now let’s leave February 16, 2019 and go to last Saturday. Let’s re-watch this fight. What do you notice? MVP looks a thousand times better than he did against Paul Daley, right? Of course! And what else do you notice in round 1? MVP is winning effortlessly in the striking exchanges.

Let’s keep watching… Oh, my. MVP got put on his back. This isn’t good at all. But what do you notice? MVP is controlling a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt from the bottom. Not just controlling him, but controlling his wrists to the point where Douglas Lima couldn’t literally do anything. If that doesn’t speak volumes to you, then let me turn it up… MVP – THE MAN WHO WAS TAKEN DOWN WITH EASE BY DALEY AFTER BURYING HIS FATHER – CONTROLLED A BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU BLACK BELT IN HIS GUARD BY CONTROLLING HIS WRISTS!

10-9 Michael Page

Rd 2…

Well, would you look at this… MVP is winning this exchange AGAIN. Look! Just rocked Lima…

And there it is… Leg kicked. KO’ed. Good night, sweet prince.

So let’s review:

  • MVP laid an egg against Paul Daley after carrying the emotional baggage of burying his father
  • MVP looked tremendous striking against Douglas Lima
  • MVP looked outstanding controlling Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Douglas Lima from the bottom

After all this, do you still want to panic? That’s fine! But when MVP rebounds from this – which he will – don’t say I didn’t try to calm down the hatred.