Polish corner: What Really Happened At The KSW Weigh Ins?

During yesterday’s KSW weigh ins, an incident happened – Both Roberto Soldic and Krystian Kaszubowski were bombarded with pigs trotters when they stood on  stage. Marc Diakiese came out and claimed the incident was due to racism, so StipeTapped decided to perform a deeper investigation into what actually occurred and why. 

Yes, it was not a coincidence that pig trotters where thrown during the Soldic Kaszubowski weigh-in. But it had nothing to do with Soldic or Diakiese being in attendance

There’s currently, and well, for a very long time has been a major problem in Poland with soccer hooliganism. Fans of opposing soccer teams will meet from time to time for public brawls and street fights, and sometimes groups will even go so far as to bring weapons like knives to these ‘meet-ups’. As long as this type of violence is kept between hooligans everything is “OK” in Poland. The Polish are aware but we treat it kinda like “this issue is complicated and needs time to fix” and really nothing ever happens.

The major problems start to occur when innocent people become involved against their will and knowledge. And that’s exactly what happened during the Soldic-Kaszubowski weigh in. It was Krystian Kaszubowski, who was the target of the pig trotters throws. Kaszubowski is associated with Arka Gdynia – footbal club from Gdynia, a neighbourhood here in Gdansk; where KSW 49 is taking place. Gdansk is the home of another famous football club – Lechia.

In Poland there’s a little “chant”, sang against Arka. It goes like this:
Arka Gdynia Kurwa Świnia
Which, translated, literally means:
Arka Gdynia Whore Pigs

And this is the reason why Krystian Kaszubowski got bombarded with pig trotters.

Normally I would not care, as I do not give a damn about football “fan wars”. But a lot of ignorant insults and stereotyping started to be spread online about the Polish people and Polish MMA fans.

So I thought the record needed to be set straight.

The overwhelming majority of us Polish people do not hold any hatred or ill-will towards Bosnians or people of colour. We simply just hate each other for supporting opposite soccer clubs.