Update: ‘Rumble’ Johnson Is Still A Scumbag

Per the good folks over at TMZ Sports; Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson has been arrested for ‘Domestic Violence’ again! According to police reports, ‘Rumble’ and his girlfriend got into an argument and the girlfriend proceeded to pack away “Rumble’s” belongings in an attempt to throw him out of the house.

Rumble retorted to this by picking the girlfriend up and putting her in a “Football Hold” and carrying her into another room. After the incident, the girlfriend reported the incident to the police and ‘Rumble’ was put under arrest.

This isn’t the first time that Rumble has had run ins with the law over domestic abuse. All the way back in 2009, ‘Rumble’ received three years of probation and underwent domestic violence counselling after pleading ‘No contest’ for his 2009 misdemeanour arrest over domestic abuse.

Johnson also got into more trouble in 2014 when he posted a threatening message about a female that was at his gym, on Facebook:

2014 was marked with even more chaos for the ex-UFC fighter when the mother of his children took out a restraining order against him due her alleging that Johnson had struck her; causing her to lose two teeth. Due to this allegation, he was suspended by the UFC but the suspension ended when the case was dismissed

Most recently in 2019, Rumble was handed a restraining order due to claims that he was stalking a female online, sharing intimate images and making threats.