Rizin Is Dying: Here’s How We Fix It

Sadly it looks like Rizin 15 bombed in the Japanese market, pulling in just an average of 5.8% of the TV ratings. The broadcast peaked during the Tenshin Nasukawa VS Fritz Aldin Biagtan fight pulling in 8% of eyeballs, but overall the viewership was still a monumental far cry from the previous success they enjoyed in 2018. Check below:

So with Rizin on what appears to be a downwards skid, lets evaluate what they need to do for a rebound to greatness

1. Don’t book: Manny Pacquaio Vs Takanori Gomi – This so stupid for so many different reasons but most importantly it’s a waste of money. Also Gomi would get wrecked

2. Book: Bob Sapp Vs Baruto – I would pay $100 for this. Sapps last fight was sick and a Baruto comeback would generate hype from us JMMA freaks

3. Book: Tenshin Nasukawa Vs Takeru – Set aside the pointless K1 beef and make the dream matchup a reality

4. Create an open-weight championship

5. Book Gabi Garcia Vs Kandori –  Was so disappointed when this got cancelled at Rizin 8, they should rebook it immediately, especially after Kandori invaded the ring at Rizin 13

6. Bring back Cup Noodle man – Mr. Noodle, if you’re out there; we miss you and hope that someday you come home. Xo.

7. Sign Fedor – THE KING RETURNS

8. Resign Daron Cruickshank – His fights are super violent and he’s the ultimate heel, it’s an easy move. Just pay him in machine guns and ammo, all good.

9. Each show should open with Mr. Takada beating a drum in his sumo attire – Anytime he has done this in the past, it’s been both remarkable and disturbing to watch. Yet I still watch with awe.

10. Have fights in elaborate outdoor settings like Karate Combat does – Karate Combat is the bourgeoisie combat sports organisation, nothing wrong with going more bouge.

11. Hold a cross promotional show with Ganryujima – I’m a firm believer that Ganryujima is the only promotion that gets the beautiful art of Human cockfighting correct, the more the merrier in my humble opinion

12. Give Takanori Gomi winnable fights – His last fight against Guillard was beautiful, two absolutely shot dudes swinging

13. Let Horiguchi and Tenshin fight multiple cans on the one card – It’s a little boring seeing them perform one fatality a card, let there be multiple

14. Have live music – I wish all MMA promotions did this more often

15. Make a 2D fighting video game – Street Fighter but Tenshin and Gooch?

16. Make a better international store – The current store is okay but it looks super credit card stealy and I don’t trust it

17. Work with KSW instead of Bellator – More UNITS please

More men like this

18. Produce more original content with English subtitles – Rizin confessions is a little boring, I know Rizin can do better.

19. Have a B-league with accompanying TV series for producing more region specific talent – Like Dana Whites contendor series but random JMMA greatness

20. Book an Asakura brother VS Jiri Prochazka – It makes absolutely no sense but, the Askaura brothers are crazy as fuck and would take the fight in a heartbeat

21. Sign Nick Diaz – LOL, he’d literally wreck the entire roster and I’m all here for it

22. Make the production of events freakier – Stop anglicising your product

23. Do a cross promotion with ONE Championship – ONE has so many tiny, violent dudes

24. Book Mighty Mouse VS Kyoji Horiguchi – SUPER FIGHT

25. Show Sumo fights – Make Sumo Great Again  

26. Sign Mark Hunt – He’s a free agent who needs a home