Japanese Kickboxing God Takeru Injures Hand

The Japanese kickboxing God; that is Takeru Segawa has sadly been taken out of face punching action due to a hand tendon. Current estimates are saying that he will return in August, but like everything in combat sports, take this with a grain of salt. Takeru (38-1) is something of a living, breathing anime super-villain.

On one hand Takeru is; to quote Joe Rogan, “One of the most violent motherfu**ers on earth”. He fights with a reckless hay-makery, swingy style and seeks to knock his opponent to ether with every blow. It’s almost comical to watch him fight as when he’s going kamikaze in the ring; he can usually be seen plastered with a joker-esque grin, taking delight in every strike that lands. (Don’t believe me? See below) And then on the other hand he’s a something of a dream-boat with his boyband good-looks and karaoke skills.

Is he not a dream-boat ?