StipeTapped Staff Picks: UFC 236 Edition

We’re just a few hours out from UFC 236, so why not kill the remaining few hours till fight time by reading who our elite site staff think are going to win at UFC 236.

Casey J. Bach’s Picks

Holloway – He’s getting the finish. Dustin has proven an A tier fighter but Max is S tier baby.

Gastelum – It’s a close fight, but I’d have him as a slight favorite rather than a dog. The man has knocked down every 85er he’s faced, yet people only want to talk about his height and reach for some reason

Anders = He should beat Khalil to avoid a 3 fight losing streak and semi-salvage his hype

Grant = Simply because his name is apparently the same as Beanie Sigel’s government name, and surely that must be a good omen

OSP = He has to become the first man to win by Von Flue choke two times against the same guy

Emeric Daité’s Picks

Holloway = I don’t want to see mini blessed cry

Gastelum = He has that Mexican blood, and also because Adesanya started talking shit about my boy Whittaker so fuck him

Rountree = I’m pretty sure that Santos ended Anders’ career already.

Jouban = I saw a promo of him on the UFC youtube channel and I’m a filthy casual

OSP = Because he’s stupid but athletic

Ciro Crispino’s Picks

Holloway = Because Mini Blessed is picking him and I ain’t about to disagree with Mine Blessed

Adesanya = I think he probably knows how to stop a one-two.

Rountree =No matter what he still knocked out Gokhan Motherfucking Saki.

Jouban = Too handsome to lose on a PPV card.

OSP = Via Athleticism and Von Flue chokes.

Derek Hall’s Picks

Max = I can’t handle the mini blessed depressed face

Gastelum = Israel is way overrated

Rountree = He is one of the last people to really get hype from TUF

Jouban = He’s too handsome to lose

OSP = He is branded with an acronym so he must be tough

Tom Kilmister’s Picks

Holloway = Mainly because of mini blessed not gonna lie

Gastelum = He coached Maurice Green in TUF and is one of my favourite fighters right now

Rountree = Cause come on, he’s just a tougher guy IMO

Jouban = Honestly it’s just a coin flip

OSP = I feel that Krylov is overrated