How Many Flyweights Could Jon Jones Take?

Surely everyone does loves a good underdog story, and why the hell not? So with the state of the UFC flyweight division still up in air, I have created a scenario for those tough little fellas to keep their job while getting big PPV money: It’s rather simple. You must fight Jon ‘Bones’ Jones in the main event…. in waves of 3.

Of course, this sounds ridiculous. Even I initially questioned by very sanity for coming up with such a ludicrous idea.

“Three men vs one? NO WAY that party of one survives a single round.”

“What happens when the five minutes are up, and three more professional fighters enter the cage?”

“What if the flyweights stacked up, to make a mega human exactly half the size on JBJ?”

The rules of this bout answer all these questions (props to me), and even enhance my argument that this main event could triple a standard PPV.

  • No Time Limit: With no time limit, this opens up a plethora of outcomes. By having no restricted amount of time, Jon Jones could easily throw one out of the cage, while knocking out another, followed by holding the third member down until Jon is able to recover and get ready for the next wave. The next wave of 125ers will enter the octagon the second the final member is out.
  • No Three Man Stacking: While going through the flyweight rankings, I noticed that there are combinations of three that could quite literally stack up to give Jon one or two problems. Yes, one leg kick would send the whole operation crumbling down to the canvas; which is why we will allow two members of each team to stack on one another’s shoulders to make things interesting. With Jon’s fight IQ, you would ponder if he would attack the “larger” double-flyweight first, or the single loner in the corner? There’s only one way to find out..
  • Groups Are Made By UFC Rankings: This makes things easier for the UFC to judge potential, as each group on paper has around the same amount of talent. For example: Wave 1- UFC Debuts. Wave 2- Rank 20-17. Wave 3 16-14. You get it. This way Jon knows exactly how much energy to spend in the early waves, knowing a Cejudo/Borg Megaman with Joe Benavidez is coming up, further down the line.

With these rules set in place, I believe we have a truly intriguing multi-matchup. Who wouldn’t want to see the P4P best fighter on planet Earth take on three smaller fighters at once…MULTIPLE TIMES. This also opens up a world of betting odds that Vegas would jump all over. Over/Under 2.5 Waves? Over/Under 1.5 TKO/KO’s? Over/Under 4.5 Flyweights Cut before the night is over? Obviously, Jones would be the hefty favourite entering Wave 1, I’d say around -200; but what about after that wave? Maybe Jon looks tired, so the live line shifts to W2 -115? The possibilities are truly endless and it makes it all the more fun to wonder.

Dana clearly doesn’t want the 125 division anymore, this is widely known. What is also known is Dana loves money more than literally anything. I mean, could you imagine the press conference? Jon Jones on the right side, belt in front of him, ready to answer questions; all while 25 flyweights share 17 chairs and 3 microphones on the left side. Also, dare I say JBJ gets clipped in Wave 1… the rematch would do double the numbers. Bones vs Flyweight 2 at MSG? SIGN ME UP.

I can see it now; everyone in the room laughing at the sheer thought of a 3v1 fight. Nobody believing it could actual happen or produce numbers, all while the ideas (money) and possibilities (more money) in that big bald head begin to come to fruition.

“125ers can have good PPV numbers.” Let’s give them a chance.

“Nobody can fight three professional fighters at once.” I’d like to find out.

Dana, for all the little guys out there (see what I did there? lol), make it happen !