The Five Worst Trash Talkers In MMA

MMA’s Worst Trash Talkers

In this modern era of Mixed Martial Arts, being a good trash talker is pretty important. As much as we hate to admit it, MMA is part of the entertainment industry and being able to spit hot fire guarantees $$$ We all know who is skilled at this delicate art. People such as Chael Sonnen,  the ever eloquent Diaz brothers, and the living, breathing Irish stereotype that is Conor McGregor have all set the bar high for trash talking; others however, not so much. Here are five of the most awful trash talkers in MMA.

  1. Tito Ortiz

There are so many reasons to cringe every time Tito opens his mouth. From his 10 minute rant about being a lion or some shit, to the classic line of “All I hear is gas coming out of his ass. And I don’t mean his butt.” There was even the moment of pure  palm to face that was his not so subtle “juice box” joke. I mean holy smokes, it’s bad.


  1. Josh Koscheck

Whether it is calling people nerds, or threatening to motorboat GSP’s ass, the bumbling words of Josh Koscheck trying to talk smack will always cause deep sighing around the world. Even from his run on The Ultimate Fighter, the start of his mainstream career, he caused moans and groans from everyone.

  1. Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee tends to get the lines between good trash talk and cringey trash talk confused often. He may or may not be trying to copy the style and jokes of other undisclosed Irish fighters. (Who da fook could that be?) He also will forever be infamous for his “mom joke” against Michael Chiesa, causing a press conference scrap.


  1. Cody Garbrandt

Garbrandt may hit like a truck, but I think we can all agree he isn’t the best wordsmith. His trash talking reminds me of all the skateboarding teens I went to high school with. With such famous lines as “You ain’t got no wheels how you gunna run,” Listening to him speak can actually cause the loss of brain cells.


  1. Luke Rockhold

Finally, the cherry on top of the pile of trash talking mishaps, the genuine article, Luke “See Believe Achieve” Rockhold. He may be a literal model, but his trash talk isn’t as pretty, constantly sounding like a cheesy action movie. I could make this entire article citing examples of his terrible one liners, however I shall leave you with one final thought; “I’m a fuckin’ samurai. I’m gonna come in there silent, undetected, and I’m going to knock you out.”