StipeTapped Picks: UFC London

Here at the StipeTapped secret world headquarters, we pride ourselves on the idea of sophisticated ignorance. The concept that you can say something that’s really really stupid but get away with it if you sound smart enough. So with that in mind, lets pick who’s winning at UFC London with some sophisticated ignorance.

Esha Channels Picks:

Jorge Masvidal – I can’t go against bae #wifeyclub
Gunnar Nelson – Seems he has had the perfect workout to get through this one
Dominick Reyes – He might be ranked #8 but he sure fights like he is in the top 5
Nathaniel Wood – His voice is almost as cute as Joanne Calderwood’s
Roberts – Anyone with 2 first names deserves a get out of jail free card from me
Phillips – Because his opponent has a tribal tattoo and… enough said

Tom Kilmisters Picks:

Darren Till – His new haircut makes him look like an intimidating Russian spy
Gunnar Nelson – B.E.A.R.D
Volkan Oezdemir – Sounds like a rocky movie bad guy
Nathaniel Wood – Just really want to see him climb the ranks
Silva – counting on another early submission
Marshman – I want a few more Welsh fighters to start getting their names out apart from Johns

Desmond Maddens Picks:

Jorge Masvidal – His long hair makes him kinda hot…
Leon Edwards – It’s always fun seeing the SBG guys lose.
Dominick Reyes – MMA needs a new Dominick.
Nathaniel Wood – A nice dude behind the scenes and I watched him when he started so if he becomes big I can flex on people for being there from day one.

Ciro Crispinos Picks:

Darren Till – I’m English.
Leon Edwards – His lisp has become more pronounced recently and I think that’s a sign he’s increased his powers.
Dominick Reyes – His torso is simply too long for these light heavyweights.
Nathaniel Wood – His nickname is the “Prospect” and he wears old man hats. He can’t be figured out.

Derek Halls Picks:

Jorge Masvidal – He looks like a skater dad with his long hair.
Gunnar Nelson – That jazzercise type video he did.
Volkan Oezdemir – His name sounds like Vulcan and those guys have death grips.
Wood – He’s a clean cut fellow.