Fighter & Celebrity Relationships We Need In 2019

Things have been getting hot in the MMA space lately, with Brian Ortega posing and working alongside Halle Berry, who referred to him as her “Man Crush.” Not to mention seeing Henry Cejudo trying to hit on one of the Bella Twins, writing her cringey “poetry” and asking for dates. Today I put on my pair of love goggles and attempt to do some romantic matchmaking, to pair up these fighters with the perfect celebrity match.

Derrick Lewis and Melissa McCarthy

These two comedians share a similar style of wrenching humour, and they would obviously dazzle together whist flexing their way down the red carpet.

Dana White and Donald Trump

Okay okay, I know Dana isn’t technically a fighter. However, it seems likely that this relationship is already secretly going on, think about it; that visit with Covington…. Was it possible it was just a coverup for a secret Trump-White Orgy… They do call it the ‘White’ house for a reason. Perhaps we will look back at this article when the Trump-White scandal reaches levels of Marilyn-JKF shame.

Yoel Romero and Channing Tatum

I match these two up for no other reason than because of the genetic specimen of a child that they would produce together. It would be the start of a new breed of superhuman. They would kill the rest of us normal folk in a heartbeat. Yes men-men can’t have a baby… But Yoel is no normal man.

Joanne Calderwood and Gordan Ramsay

Both Scottish, with an intense love of their professions, these two sound like a match made in Highlander heaven.

Alex Cacares and Lucy Liu

This would-be an anime super-villain, paired up with an actress who has been in actual kung fu movies. This fact alone shows that these two are basically the perfect match, Sure, there is a big difference in age, but it’s 2019, who cares?

Luke Rockhold and Demi Lovato

They say that second time is the charm, right? Wait, who is ‘they’ ?

Raquel Pennington and Jodie Foster

I know they’re both spoken for, but I would love to see a Hannibal sequel with Clarice’s badass MMA fighter daughter and Hannibal’s sadistic son. Maybe that’s just me.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to be invited to any wedding caused from this list.