StipeTapped Staff Picks: UFC 235

We’re just a few hours away from UFC 235, so why not spend the time reading who our elite site staff think are going to win in this weeks edition of human cockfighting.

Casey J. Bachs picks:

Jon Jones – This title defence is basically a joke, as is this division. 205 should be abolished; we wouldn’t miss anything and 185 and heavyweight would benefit
Tyron – You need more than wrestling to beat this all-time great champion
Lawler – Uncle Dana will indeed get to laugh for decades that he matched Askren up with an elite anti-wrestler who won’t indulge in trash talk
Cody – this is a must-win fight. If Cody has any fight in him at all he should take this
Zabit – really on the fence here. Was leaning Stephens but then someone on twitter said Zabit is a super-soldier who was raised in fight camps, and without looking into it any further, that does kinda seem true-ish so that’s my pick

Esha Chanels Picks:

Smith – We need change AND DAMMIT I DEMAND CHANGE muahahah *flames in eyes*

Woodley – Because I seriously can’t see anyone taking his belt and plus he has the power of rap behind him

Lawler – I’ll probably otherwise also I have a hard time pronouncing Askren’s name soooo…. shrugging emoji

Garbrandt – Because he needs a solid rebound

Stephens – I need him to smile and I want to give him a hug

Derek Halls picks:

Jones = Picograms make a man invincible.
Usman = All he needs is 30%
Lawler = Because he is a mad man looking for carnage
Torres = China rarely gets tornados, Zhang can’t survive
Munhoz = Damn Cody’s shirt was ugly

Ciro Crispinos picks:

Jones – There is no justice in the world.
Woodley – He’s basically Usman but more experienced.
Lawler – Because he’s Robbie Fucking Lawler.
Garbrandt – He’s the next Tyson.
Stephens – He’s the hardest hitting 145er. He hits people they don’t fucking move.

Emeric Daités picks:

Jon = Because Smith’s eyes are to wide apart
Usman = He said he was gonna keep coming all night long, so i guess he’s gonna wrestlefuck Woodley
Lawler = Fuck Ben Askren
Zhang = Because… well i don’t know but why not?
Cody = He will use his inner Mike Tyson
Stephens = Coz fuck depression
Johnny Walker = Coz i hope he is on his way to knock out Jon’s steroid loving ass

Tom Kilmisters picks:

Jones – I just want to see more entertaining title defences. Also beard
Usman – The Nigerian Nightmare is just a more fitting name to a WW champ
Lawler – Who doesn’t want that?
Munhoz- Because of Garbrandts god awful shirt
Zabit – Hoping for an entertaining KO

Desmond Maddens Picks:

Jones – Because Smith isn’t Jon Jones level good.
Usman – Tyron sounds like he has the flu in interviews
Askren – He’s funny
Cody – Needs the win bonus for tattoo removal surgery
Stephens – Zabit is only liked cause he throws spinny things.

Reis picks

Jones – So much better than Smith it isn’t funny
Woodley – Usman only has athleticism over him, Woodley is better everywhere
Askren – Wrassle Clinic
Cody – Opp likes to take one to give one, bad news vs. Cody. Cody is stupid tho so who knows
Zabit – He gonna style on Stephens big time