5 Fighters Who Need To Start Podcasts

In the year of 2019; everybody and their Dirty Uncle Frank seems to have a podcast. The podcasting phenomena seems incredibly prevalent in MMA, maybe it’s because the MMA world is plagued with fake ‘MMA Journalists’, who think they’re more important than what they really are, and thus they think that they must host podcasts. Or it might be because people are desperate to make money any way possible, and podcasting offers another avenue of making dollar.

Artist Depiction of the MMA podcasting world. Circa (2019)

There’s maybe only a handful of podcasts that actually have a half decent claim to being good, however the vast majority are absolutely insufferably terrible.  But anyway, disregarding all you’ve read so far, here is a list of five MMA fighters who we would like to see enter this stacked industry of ‘MMA Podcasting’.

  1. Diego Sanchez

Absolute frigging LEGEND, and the sole surviving member of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. Sanchez is one of the craziest fuckers in the world. His kill or be killed style has attracted fans for years, and his…..unorthodox personality has confused them at the same time. He definitely has a unique perspective on the world, from summoning storms for their energy, to having as many nicknames as years in UFC. I would listen to him in the way you watch a car crash, just too stunned to stop.

  1. Forrest Griffin

If you’re reading this, that means you can at least read on a third grade level, which means you can read one of the two books Forrest Griffin has written. The UFC Hall of Famer is a comedic genius with a two digit IQ, so a podcast from him would be like watching Family Guy.

  1. Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett

While not the best fighter or even the most benevolent of human-being in the world by any stretch of the imagination; it’s hard to deny that he is clearly an entertaining man. His podcast certainly would be NSFW, but it would be a sight to see. With drug stories to make Joey Diaz start sweating, and a character that earns the name “Krazy Horse,” Bennett would be a fun storyteller.

  1. Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier has accomplished so much in the sport, arguably the best or second best fighter in the world. The Olympic wrestler also has roles commentating for the UFC , along with working the desk as an analyst. He is well spoken and interesting, and would be an entertaining Podcaster.

  1. Derrick Lewis

His balls were quite hot at one point. Enough said.

What podcasts do you listen to? Is there anybody that we missed? Let us know!