Thursday Theory: Looking Into Cains Knee

Alright humans, listen up, fasten your Aluminum foil hats on tight, we are taking a steep turn onto Conspiracy Lane. Was a scary shovel hook from the depths of Haydes used by N’gannou to send Cain Velasquez crashing to the canvas this past weekend?

We here at StipeTapped state that it clearly wasn’t an uppercut, there was something deeper at play that evening! It was simply a clear cut case of Sea-Level Cain beating himself, and we have the exclusive proof below.

Exhibit A

As evident by the above image, you can clearly see Cain throw the left high kick, resulting in the beginning of the end. You can see that as he throws the kick at an awkward angle, his leg lands haphazardly. The ensuing bounce of his left leg is proof of the start of the horrific damage, and his immediate pain.

Exhibit B

Now if you look closely at exhibit “B” you will be able to see the exact climax point of this horrendous event. As Velasquez closes the distance to engage in a clinch battle against the cage, he hops into range. While this happens, his head goes under N’gannou’s shoulder, thus resulting in Cain’s leg to land at a problematic slant, buckling the knee.

So what does all this mean? Well it very clearly means that even a Ford Escort can not knock you out from 6 inches away. The punch obviously did not land hard enough to knock out Cain. This fight result was unfortunately a case of weak knees, and the supportive evidence is overwhelming.

Stay woke people! Don’t let Dana and “Big MMA” cloud your mind with false ideas, and a sheep mentality, stand up to the relative autonomy of MMA !