Joanna Jedrzejczyk: The Jetsetter?

Let’s keep it real.

I’m drunk.

BUT THAT DOESN’T DEFINE ME. Atleast I’m at the airport gearing up to beam it back to reality after coming home from Melbourne, Australia.

Let’s keep it ALL the way real. If you haven’t been a fan of women fighting in MMA then honestly I just don’t know what to tell you. Maybe your life sucks. Triggered? I know. I’m with you.. however, let’s take this a step further.

I understand we are all supposed to have our own real lives along with everything else, but like.. have you visited Joanna Jedrzejczyk #Instagram?!?! Because I did and you know what? For someone that travels a lot, all I can say is yaaaaaassss biiiiiiitcccchhhhhh like can I party with you?

I’m sure if I gunned it to the Tara Reid era no one would have a problem with what I’m saying, but she was trash so I suppose I understand. Meanwhile.. let’s just cut the chase here.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk has been defeated by Rose Namajunas how many times you ask?

Given what is happening to the division since Jedrzejczyk last fought at 125 lbs, her recent loss to current flyweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko, it was noticeable how things needed to change. For that she will be coming back down to the strawweight division to build herself up again. I mean, I can’t blame the girl because she came in doing her thing.

My only question is, would she still be a threat against Rose Namajunas, Jéssica Andrade, Nina Ansaroff, Tatiana Suarez, aaaaand maybe Claudia Gadelha?

I think we all might know the answer to that question..

Now that Shevchenko has been dominating her division the limelight seems to have gone away from Jedrzejczyk because she doesn’t have a belt. At first it seemed that used to get in her way, but not anymore.

Keeping that former Champion mentality seems to work on her. She remained the talk of the town one way or another.

If you are going through life so well and people are questioning the size of your boobs, I mean.. that isn’t a bad thing. All I’m getting at here is to live your life to the fullest and travel.

Never say no to food you know with quench your burst of hunger.

And donuts.

Alright you creative little fucker, HOMEMADE donuts.

You’re kidding me right?

Ok, ok. I’m giving in for the next round of..

AAAAAAND if we are still talking about food.. alcohol. We are bringing up alcohol.

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Now that part is over and I can focus on what really matters. Joanna Jedrzejczyk as a whole person, a human being, is someone who doesn’t say no to food.

And travel.

And life.

We are proud of you Jedrzejczyk.

You complete me.

You complete me.

One of us.

One of us.

One of us.