Multiverse Tales: Is Stipe The GOAT ?

We here at the StipeTapped secret underground world headquarters; firmly stand in the truth that Stipe Miocic is a colossal cheating scumbag who lost to Alistair Overeem.


However, somewhere out there is a universe in which this ‘tap’ isn’t an issue. In this universe, through a winding spontaneous meander of events, not only is Stipe the undisputed champion, he is undeniably the Greatest to ever step foot in the octagon. Let’s jump through the portal and see how this happened.

The year: 2011, the event: UFC on Fox 1. All it took was 64 measly seconds for the heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez to get KO’d by Junior Dos Santos. The UFC’s first Fox card ends in shock. Immediately a rematch was talked about, but Cain ‘Unsurprisingly’ sustained an injury due to his intense training regime at AKA, and was left unable to compete. This left Junior Dos Santos to fight Frank Mir, in a fight that he wins via TKO in the 2nd round. Following this fight, he then turned around to fight the ever imposing Alistair Overeem. The bout was back and forth, with Dos Santos coming back from being dropped in the 2nd to win via decision.

However, it would appear that 2012 was the year for injuries, as Dos Santos was sidelined due to repeated muscle injuries. Sadly, he would be out so long that the UFC would see fit to strip him of the title in 2013. The company would then announce a gargantuas fight for the new Heavyweight strap; in the form of Fabrico Werdum vs Mark Hunt; a fight that Werdum would go on to win.

Enter the hero of this tale, a firefighter from Cleveland Ohio, a man who is difficult to grasp (both figuratively and literally); Stipe Miocic. A hero riding a win streak that’s rarely seen at the elite level of Heavyweight MMA.

Stipe would be Werdum’s first title defence. The card would also feature the return of both former champions; Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos, fighting in a rematch of what was their title fight. The card would end in shock with Cain getting revenge via a dominating decision. The card also featured shock as Fabrico Werdum got brutally KO’d by Dos Santos in the first.

We fast forward to 2015, and the most logical matchup for the champ is the man who proved himself, one that many believe is the Greatest Of All Time, Cain Velasquez. The UFC always loved Cain and favoured him over what they perceived as ‘The Abhorrently boring Stipe’, so they naturally put the card in Mexico City, to support Brown Pride after all.

However, to everyone’s shock and horror, Cain would gas out for the first time in his career. He refused to give himself enough time to acclimatise to the Mexican heat; so following an attempted submission on Stipe (one that he knows StipeTapped from, he felt it), he gassed out and got finished via strikes in the 5th round.

Sad Cain

In the year 2016, across the planet, another potential GOAT Heavyweight would be coming out of retirement. This man being Fedor Emelianenko, who would be taking on former UFC placeholder, Fabio Maldanado.

Fedor would win a controversial decision, but would then enter the free agency pool. He would talk with several promoters, but it seemed inevitable that he would sign with Bellator, as he had a prior relationship with Scott Coker. However, while meeting to discuss things, Coker would spill a drink on Fedor’s favorite sweater, causing a rift in their relationship, so Fedor would then sign with the UFC, having his first fight as a quick KO of Ben Rothwell.

Now the stage has been set for an epic mashup of the two potential heavyweight GOATs,  to settle once and for all who really is the best. In front of a home crowd in Cleveland, Stipe would do the unthinkable, by finishing Fedor in the first. It is clear now, that in this dimension, Stipe is the Greatest Of All Time.

However, somewhere in the shadows of UFC Tonight, Daniel Cormier is looming….