10 People We Want Mayweather To Fight In RIZIN

On New Years Eve 2018; the Saitama Super Arena roared with excitement as it played host to an exhibition bout between Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and the electric kickboxing prodigy that is Tenshin Nasukawa. After a dominant display by the eminent American, some were left wondering ‘what now?’ and I am here to answer that question. Without further ado, here are 10 possible candidates for Floyd’s next cash-in.

10. Usain Bolt

They say styles make fights, so what better than matching up one of the greatest boxers of all time with a man that can run really really really fast? Maybe Bolt’s hands will show a similar degree of swiftness? There is only one way to find out.

9. Aorigele

Baseball has Babe Ruth, basketball has Michael Jordan, and the combat sport sphere has Aorigele. Hailing from the Shaanxi Province of Central China, Aorigele – otherwise known as ‘Heavyweight Supernova’ is 326lbs of pure unadulterated, rawesome fighting spirit and a perfect adversary in our eyes for a boxer several times smaller than he is. It’s the ultimate test of ‘Does size matter?’

7. ลŒsunaarashi 

Did you see the ‘Great Sandstorm’ rage against the combat sports legend that is Bob ‘The Beast’ Sapp? You did? Well then I don’t need to say anymore about why this needs to happen, you know the answer.

Two worthy adversaries for ‘Money May’ ?

6. Takeru

Since Floyd has already taken on (and defeated) one of Japan’s best kickboxers, why not let him have another crack at one of Japans Kicking wizard? With Takeru boasting an aggressive, offensive arsenal like no other, a singing voice like an angel, and all the looks of an anime super-villain, there is no reason this fight should not happen. Lets hope K-1 stop their petty Rizin vendetta to make this happen at some point.

5. KeMonito

Ahhh KeMonito. The 2’7, blue-furred, yellow-skinned, masked wrestler that strikes fear in the heart of anyone that hears his name. I believe KeMonito will expose Floyd if given the chance, so lets give him one.

4. Conor McGregor Jr.

Have you seen this young lad hitting pads? Woe is the man who steps into the ring with this future Champion.

Floyd is a dead man walking…

3. Bruce Buffer

Imagine this: dimmed lights, silent crowd. When suddenly pyrotechnics erupt and ‘Face The Pain’ echoes through the arena as big Brucie Buffman strolls down the famous RIZIN ramp in a stunning floral three piece suit, a look of mass murder fixated into his eyes oozing from his soul. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

2. Mary from Greggs

There’s no one I’d like to see cash-in a big pay day like Mary from my local Greggs bakery, she’s lovely. (FYI for our American audience – Greggs is a bakery shop that sells pies and sausage rolls)

1. Floyd Mayweather Sr.

We’ve seen fathers and sons duke it out many a time before, from Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader to Kazuya Mishima vs. Heihachi, so who better for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to take on than the man that made him what he is today?

What do you think ? What did we miss ? Be sure to let us know on Twitter.